Lesson Structure

Moving Around:

To move around this course, you can click on the buttons on the left which will take you directly to the different chapters. While you are in a particular chapter, there will also be links to each of the different sections of that chapter on the left. There are buttons at the bottom of each page which will move you forward and back through the individual chapters.

Other Web Sites:

At various points in this course, you'll run into different links we've provided. Some will take you to career planning sites, some will take you to other training sites, and others will just take you to places we found interesting. Check them out. Remember, these sites are outside of NCTC's web. We've tried to set it up so that when you leave NCTC's web a second window will open up. When you're done at the other site, just close that window and you should be back in this program where you were when you left. If you don't get a second window, you'll have to maneuver back to find your place (hint -- use the back button on your browser).

Final Exam and Project:

At the conclusion of this course, you will take a multiple choice exam to test your comprehension of the course material. You must get 70% of the answers correct to pass. In addition, you may submit a draft IDP to the course leader at NCTC for advice on how well you have done. This draft IDP is NOT required to get credit for this training program

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