Application to Deer Hunt on
the National Conservation Training Center
Shepherdstown, WV

1. Please fill in the fields completely.
2. Fill in the Email address where you would like to receive your hunt selection results.
3. Questions, contact the Land Management Office at 304 876-7272 or send Email to

Only one application may be submitted by each person (duplicates disqualified).

Applications must be received by Friday, August 28, 2015.
Shooting times and other information are specified in the NCTC - Deer Hunting Requirements document.

Before submitting an application make sure that you have completed the Deer Hunt Orientation.

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  Check Dates and Times of Hunts You Would Like to Apply for:

* If you apply to hunt during one of the Youth/Disabled/Senior hunts, check the options that pertain to you on or before the hunt date.

I am a youth and will be less than 18 years of age (Do not apply for someone else).

I am a West Virginia resident, will be more than 65 years of age and have purchased an XS lifetime senior license.

I am disabled and have a West Virginia Class Q or QQ Permit to hunt from a vehicle.

Hunters with disabilities may apply for all available dates.

I have a disability and might need accommodation.

  By clicking the SUBMIT button, you certify that you have completed the Deer Hunt Orientation.

If selected, hunters must provide proof of a WV hunting license (out-of-state applicants with WV license permitted) and a certificate for a hunter safety course at check-in.

Visit the NCTC web site for hunting times, scouting sessions, regulations, and more information.

Contact Information:
Land Management Office: 304-876-7272.

Mailing Address:
Attn: Land Manager
698 Conservation Way
Shepherdstown, WV 25443