LED5109 - Designing and Delivering A Training Session

Course CodeLED5109
Course TitleDesigning and Delivering A Training Session
DescriptionThis train-the-trainer course teaches curriculum developers and/or trainers how to design an effective training session and includes the opportunity to practice effective presentation and classroom management skills. It covers the fundamentals of instructional design, adult learning principles, writing objectives and lesson plans, and interactive strategies to engage participants in learning. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about alternative delivery methods other than a traditional classroom approach with an overview of different types of distance learning as well. Other topics include: effective communication in the classroom, learning styles, dealing with nervousness and handling difficult situations. During this course, participants use a variety of methods, techniques and training aids to design and deliver their own 20-minute training session. Videotaping of class presentations and constructive participant feedback help participant’s to add powerful tools to their training repertoire. If you have a module that you are currently creating, revising, etc. feel free to bring that with you. If you are not currently working on a module, please think of a topic that you would like to present to the class. You will have extensive time prior to your presentation to work on the material. Pre-requisite Having a basic level of knowledge and skills in building a PowerPoint presentation is a prerequisite for “Designing and Delivering a Training Session.” If you feel as if you need to learn or touch up your basic PowerPoint skills, SkillSoft offers a very good on-line basic PowerPoint course entitled “Creating Basic Presentations Using PowerPoint 2007”. Licenses to access the SkillSoft library were issued during the 'open season' last fall. If you require a SkillSoft License, please contact the USFWS Data Steward at: barbara_evans@fws.gov. In addition to being able to take this course, having a user license will gain you access to over 400 other on-line courses as well. As an additional option, there are organizations that offer classroom and on-line training at different locations around the country such as TechSkills, SoftTech, TechSmith, National Seminars Training and SharePoint. Even book stores sell books, workbooks, and CD’s. You can also find basic tutorials (often free of charge) on the web.
• Describe the steps in the instructional design cycle;
• Apply principles of adult learning;
• Select the appropriate learning strategy for course content;
• Develop skill based course objectives that meet the learner’s needs;
• Apply instructional objectives and lesson plans in a training session;
• Demonstrate a variety of methods to enhance instruction; and
• Use visual aids to support instruction
Target Audience:
• Content developers/instructors who want to learn how to design an effective training session
• Those who will be conducting training.
Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$995.00
Instructional Hours40
Curriculum CategoryEmployee Development
Course FrequencyOnce per year
Registration LinkLMS
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