OUT8041 - ETSe: Intro to Communicating Climate Change

Course CodeOUT8041
Course TitleETSe: Intro to Communicating Climate Change
DescriptionClimate change is a challenging topic. It involves myriad variables which display a high degree of uncertainty. It can be controversial and charged with confusing misconceptions. I has also become political and ideological for many o our audiences. This electronic workshop, consisting o five 90-minute web-based seminars, i designed t provide a basic foundation for beginning t communicate about changing climate and its implications o our public lands. I will draw upon NASA’s extensive climate research t help address common misconceptions. I will address specific resources for communicating controversial subjects and demonstrate interpretive/educational products and techniques from the NASA-NPS-USFWS Earth t Sky (ETS) partnership that have become best practices (including exhibits, pod-casts, Jr. Ranger programs and publications). Abundant educational and scientific resources will b provided for participants t create their own preliminary action plans for communicating climate change a their site.
& mp; t;br> W binar Schedule
& mp; t;br> F b 28, 2011 (2-3:30 pm, EST): Introduction t Earth t Sky-e and Evidence o Climate Change
& mp; t;br> M r 4 2011(2-3:30 pm, EST): The Story o the Carbon Cycle

M r 7 2011 (2-3:30 pm, EST): Engaging i Keyword: Earth to Sky
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Schedule:  OUT8041 - ETSe: Intro to Communicating Climate Change

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Susan De Stephanis, Sandy Spakoff, John Morris, John Bryant
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