OUTUWSP - Environmental Education Theory and Practice-UDT

Course CodeOUTUWSP
Course TitleEnvironmental Education Theory and Practice-UDT
DescriptionGain a foundational knowledge of environmental education and learn how to incorporate quality EE into your instruction. Participants discuss the history and goals of EE, develop an understanding of the professional roles and instructional methods of environmental educators, and interact with other educators from across the country.

This 12-week online course is offered through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a limited number of pre-paid, non-credit spaces available only to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service employees.
For information on obtaining credit and further questions, please contact Michelle Donlan at Michelle_Donlan@fws.gov

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
1. Identify the goals and objectives of EE as laid out in founding documents of the field.
2. Describe ke characteristics of EE
3. Describe th four strands of environmental literacy.
4. Analyze your teaching an describe th teaching methods yo are most an least comfortable using.
5. Identify a variety of methods fo presenting environmental issues in appropriate an engaging ways fo diverse learners.
6. Assess an evaluate your EE curriculum using a variety of assessment alternatives.
7. Create a lesson plan that demonstrates characteristics of flexible instruction – using a variety of methods, addressing multiple learning styles, involving collaboration among students or teachers.

Target Audience: U. S. Fish an Wildlife Service employees involved in designing, implementing or supervising environmental education an outreach programs.
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Instructional Hours120
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
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