OUTUWSP - Advanced Personal Interpretation Methods

Course CodeOUTUWSP
Course TitleAdvanced Personal Interpretation Methods
DescriptionInterpretation is a necessary tool within agencies and organizations for communicating important messages about management of our sites, about instilling awareness, appreciation and inspiration in our visitors; to encourage stewardship of our natural and cultural resources. Those responsible for educating in nonformal settings will benefit from training skills that increase effectiveness in delivering messages to non-captive audiences. This course will provide participants with the tools to develop successful personal interpretation programs with advanced skills in program evaluation and the use of interpretive techniques.
1. Learners will recognize and demonstrate effective communication skills and aspects of successful program development for nonformal settings;

2. Learners will demonstrate knowledge relating to principles of interpretation, including the role of meanings and values and the relationship to education and recreation;

3. Learners will be able to design effective interpretive programs based on principles and standards of the profession;

4. Learners will be able to plan and conduct a program evaluation for a interpretive presentation in the field.

Target Audience: Individuals involved in designing, delivering, and evaluating interpretive programs
Delivery MethodSee Course Description
Instructional Hours120
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