SAF-CHN - FWS Non-Fire Chain Saw Safety Course

Course CodeSAF-CHN
Course TitleFWS Non-Fire Chain Saw Safety Course
DescriptionThe training provides Service employees who may use chain saws as part of their non-fire duties with chain saw safety training and ensures they are able to demonstrate proficiency before operating a chain saw. Training includes:

- Completion of an S-212 non-fire chain saw course or approved alternate chain saw safety course.

- An S-212 chain saw course that retains the fire portions of S-212 is also acceptable.

Objectives: This training is in accordance with Service Manual Chapter 241 FW 12, 'Chain Saw Safety'. This chain saw course is one of the prerequisites for achieving chain saw authorization. Other items to become an authorized chain saw operator include:

- You must b authorized b your Project Leader/supervisor/facility manager t use chain saws for work duties. Your Project Leader/supervisor/facility manager may authorize you t become a chain saw operator i you:
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Delivery MethodSee Course Description
Instructional Hours24
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
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Schedule:  SAF-CHN - FWS Non-Fire Chain Saw Safety Course

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