SAF2010-UDT - Specialty Tracked Equipment Safety Training Course-UDT

Course CodeSAF2010-UDT
Course TitleSpecialty Tracked Equipment Safety Training Course-UDT
DescriptionThis course provides the training required in FWS Policy, 321 FW 1, to permit operation of Service-owned, operated, rented, or leased specialty tracked equipment with applicable attachments (e.g. Marsh Master, Geo-Boy, Gyro-Trac, etc.). The course is designed to familiarize employees, volunteers, and partner operators with the safe operation and preventative maintenance of specialty tracked equipment and attachments. The course includes classroom and field operation instruction.

NOTE: A specialty tracked equipment refresher course is required 3 years after completion of this course in order to maintain authorization to operate. Refer to SAF 2R10, Specialty Tracked Equipment Refresher Course for details.

Pre-Requisite: Completion of the Web-based Specialty Tracked Equipment Pre-Class Study Course, SAF2W10 is required prior to attending the SAF2010, Specialty Tracked Equipment Safety Training course.

Length of Course: 1 day/8 hours (3hours Pre-Class study, 4 hours classroom, 1 hour field operation)

FWS Regional Heavy Equipment Coordinators contact information:

Region 1&8 - 503/231-2075

  Region 2 - Ed Bass, 505/248-6607

  Region 3 - Dale Pittman, 309/535-3151

  Region 4 - Stan Zazado, 404/679-7159

Region 5 - Charles Glock, 410/228-5889 X22

Region 6 - Wade Briggs, 605/256-1081

Region 7 - Thomas Siekaniec, 907/786-3344
Provide operators with the skills and knowledge necessary that will allow them to make informed decisions about their own safety, the safety of all around them, and the safety of the specialty tracked equipment.

Allow attendees to demonstrate, through written examinations and actual demonstration, that they have the skills and knowledge to safely operate specialty tracked equipment in accordance with Service policy, manufacturer specifications and industry standards.

Availability: FWS EMPLOYEES/AFFILIATED PERSONNEL ONLY. Contact your appropriate Regional Heavy Equipment Coordinator to register for the course.

Completion of an online preclass component will be required prior to attending this class.
Target Audience:
Any FWS affiliated individual who operates Service-owned, leased, or rented specialty tracked equipment (e.g. March Master, Geo-Boy, Geo-Trac, etc.).
Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
Instructional Hours8
Course Content ContactRegional FWS Heavy Equipment Coordinator; ;
Curriculum CategorySafety
Registration CategoryHeavy Equipment Safety Coordinators
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Schedule:  SAF2010-UDT - Specialty Tracked Equipment Safety Training Course-UDT

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