SAF4R02 - MOCC - Motorboat Operator Refresher

Course CodeSAF4R02
Course TitleMOCC - Motorboat Operator Refresher

Before trying to launch this course, make sure that you have installed and enabled Java Software/scripting. Please call us at 304/876-7445 if you need assistance with this.

Objectives: This course gives participants the classroom equivalent training required to permit continued operation of Service-owned watercraft. It reviews minimum requirements for safe operation of motorboats and includes a review of legal requirements, preparations, navigation, operations, emergency procedures, rescue, self-rescue, trailering, fire suppression and basic seamanship.

The participant must still verify practical on-water boating skills. Please be sure to have your supervisor verify your Practical Boating Skills in order to complete your re-certification. Re-certification is not complete until you pass the final exam and return a Supervisor Verification Letter.

Remember, every DOI motorboat operator must be re-certified every 5 years. This course will meet the Educational part of the DOI 5-year Motorboat Operator re-certification requirement.

NOTE: Due to a system error, if you have previously taken the MOCC Refresher course, upon successful completion of the exam a second time, the earlier date may be reflected on your Certificate of Completion. If this occurs, please notify Gary Schetrompf by e-mail, Please include a copy of the incorrect certificate and the date you re-took the exam.

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Schedule:  SAF4R02 - MOCC - Motorboat Operator Refresher

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