How to Register for Courses

Registering for a NCTC Class through DOI-Learn

NCTC uses a web-based system called DOI-Learn to register students for NCTC classes.

Department of Interior Employees, Contractors and Volunteers

  • All DOI employees, contractors and volunteers with previously established accounts must register for classes through DOI-Learn.

  • New DOI Employees, a DOI-Learn account should be automatically generated within two-three weeks of your start date. An e-mail, with detailed instructions to update your individual DOI-Learn profile will be sent to you. If you fail to receive this information within the allotted time, contact the DOI-Learn Administrator for your Bureau.

Employees of other Federal Government, State or Local Agencies and other Private or Public Organizations

If you work for another Federal Agency, State government or private/public organization, you have two options to register for a class:

Option #1 - Register On-Line

  • A. Go to the Public DOI-Learn Catalog and search for the class you want.

  • B. Click on the Course Name.

  • C. Click on Create a New Account. Complete all the fields and submit. Please be sure to indicate the Bureau that sponsors the course you with to attend. Your log-in information will be sent to you automatically by e-mail.

  • D. Using your new username and password, log in to DOI Learn, access the DOI Learn Catalog and register for the desired training.

After establishing an account, you will be required to log-in to DOI-Learn to register for all future DOI-Learn classes.

If you forget your password use the DOI-Learn Update password function.

Option # 2 - Register using an Application

All fields, including billing information, must be completed or the application can not be processed..

DOI-Learn Data Steward

If you have questions about completing either application or if your application cannot be processed, please contact the DOI LEARN Data Steward at 304.870.7101.