Planned vs. Unplanned

Planners claim these benefits:

  • know what's along the way;
  • make sure you don't miss anything important;
  • can choose the fastest route; and
  • peace of mind knowing you're going to get there on time.

Non-planners claim these benefits:

  • not constrained by artificial time barriers;
  • may find something "unique" along the way;
  • freedom to go as long and/or as far as they want; and
  • peace of mind knowing they'll eventually get there, but not stress themselves out "sticking to a schedule".

Depending upon preferences, each method can work while planning a trip -- and also while developing a career plan.

The rest of this program is designed for those planners who want to learn how to effectively career plan using an Individualized Development Plan. For the non-planners, we recommend at least breezing through this program, because in the event you don't stumble into your dream job, there is some useful information here that may help make that become a reality for you.

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