• U.S. FWS Employees - Tuition fees are not charged to employees of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Contractors and Volunteers - Tuition fees for all U.S. FWS Service contractors and volunteers are the responsibility of the contracting agency or the sponsoring office.
  • National Park Service - National Park Service Employees, because of their agency contributions, are not charged NCTC tuition fees.
  • Bureau of Land Management - Bureau of Land Management Employees, because of their agency contributions, are not charged NCTC tuition fees.
  • All Other Participants - A tuition fee will be charged to all other participants at the following rates:

(Effective 10/1/2012)
Tuition with Lab Fee
(Effective 10/1/2012)
1 day course
2 day course
3 day course
4 day course
5 day course
2 week course
3 week course

Tuition for courses using the computer, aquatic, biomedical and biology labs is assessed at a slightly higher rate to incorporate lab fees. Check catalog listing for actual tuition cost.

Online Training - Synchronous Delivery

  • Live Webinars, Broadcasts: Free
  • Courses: $200/ per credit (unless otherwise noted)

Online Training - Asynchronous Delivery

  • Recorded Webinars and Broadcasts: Free
  • Tutorials, Job Aids: Free
  • Courses: $50 (unless tuition-free)

Payment Information

Applicants from the private sector must provide billing information at the time of registration. Please do not send payment prior to attending the class. Do not send cash.

All non-DOI employees are required to pay a tuition fee when a ‘Cost to Learner’ is displayed in the Course Description. When applicable, payment may be made in a variety of ways:

  1. Credit Card Payment: For security reasons, cardholders must contact the NCTC Registrar at (304) 876-7692 to provide complete payment information. This should be done as soon after registration as possible.

  2. Invoice: If requesting an invoice, the following information must be provided to the NCTC Course Registrar: ( at the time of registration:

    1. Name, address, phone and email of the person to receive the invoice
    2. Your Agency Federal Tax ID Number
    3. Your Agency DUNS Number (Dun & Bradstreet financial listing number. This number must appear on any invoice prepared by a federal agency)
      NOTE: We cannot invoice other Federal Government Agencies.

  3. A complete SF-182 (including Treasury Symbol) can be emailed to the NCTC Registrar at A completed SF-182 is used to initiate an electronic internal transfer of funds (IPAC) only.

  4. Prepaid Tuition Voucher

Tuition Vouchers can be purchased directly online using a credit card. Purchase of Tuition Vouchers is simple and secure, much like making any other online purchase.

The NCTC Shopping Cart enables prepayment of tuition fees through purchase of a Tuition Voucher. This opportunity to pre-pay course tuition fees for most NCTC Courses has proved to be helpful just prior to entering a new fiscal period.

Online Vouchers:

Online Voucher Instructions: