Conservation Heroes

Commemorating the pioneers who helped save our environment. Plaques of these heroes are placed around the National Conservation Training Center Campus.

Surname First Name Years Profile
Abbey Edward 1927-1989 Edward Abbey
Appel JC N/A  
Atkeson Tom    
Atkins Charlie 1841-1921  
Bailey Florence Merriam 1863-1948  
Bailey Vernon 1864-1942  
Baird Spencer 1823-1887

"Spencer Fullerton Baird: A Biography (1915)

Baxter Charles Kelton 1948-2009  
Beattie Mollie 1947-1996  
Bennett Hugh Hammond   Hugh Hammond Bennett
Berryman Jack 1921-1999 Jack Berryman
Brower David 1912-2000 David Brower
Carson Rachel 1907-1964

Rachel Louise Carson

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

National Digital Library - Media Resources...

Craighead Frank 1916-2001  
Craighead John 1916-2001  
Crissey Walt 1915-2009  
Darling J.N. Ding 1876-1962

Darling on "Conserving Our Wildlife" (1935)

Darling on Cartooning.

Darwin Charles 1809-1882  
Dieffenbach Rudolph   Rudolph Dieffenbach
Dill Herb N/A  
Dingell Congressman John 1894-1955 NCTC Hero Plaque
Douglas Marjory Stoneman 1890-1998  
Edge Rosalie 1877-1962  
Errington Paul 1902-1962 Paul Errington
Fisher A.K.    
Fossey Dian 1932-1985  
Gabrielson Ira 1889-1977 Ira Gabrielson
George Jean Craighead 1919-2012  
Gillham Charles E.    
Glover Fred N/A  
Goldman E.A. 1873-1946  
Goldman Luther J. 1909-2005  
Gottschalk John 1913-1999 John Gottschalk
Green Seth 1817-1888  
Grinnell George Bird 1849-1938 George Bird Grinnell
Grosvenor Gilbert 1875-1966  
Hamerstrom Frances 1907-1998  
Hamilton Sam 1955-2010  
Hawkins Art 1913-2006  
Hines Robert 1912-1994 Robert Hines
Holland Ray    
Hunt Charles Francis "Chuck" 1944-2000 Charles Francis "Chuck" Hunt
Hunter Celia 1919-2001  
Johnson Senator Edwin 1884-1970 NCTC Hero Plaque
Johnsson Robert 1937-2001 Robert Johnsson
NCTC Hero Plaque
Jones Robert "Sea Otter" 1916-1998 Sea Otter Jones
Kennicott Robert    
Kroegel Paul 1864-1948 Paul Kroegel
Lawyer George N/A  
Laybourne Roxie 1910-2003  
Lensink Calvin "Cal" 1927-2009  
Leopold Luna 1915-2006  
Leopold Aldo 1887-1948

Brief excerpt from his writings.

Lilly Ben 1856-1936  
Lincoln Frederick 1892-1960  
Losey Elizabeth 1913-2005  
Lynch John 1915-1983  
MacKaye Benton 1879-1975  
Marsh George Perkins 1801-1882  
Marshall Arthur   A Guide to the Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Papers
Marshall David 1926-2011  
Marshall Robert 1901-1939  
Mendes Chico 1944-1988
Merovka Larry N/A  
Merriam C. Hart 1855-1942

Biographical Memoir of C. Hart Merriam (1944)t

Muir John 1838-1914  
Murie Mardy 1902-2003 Virtual Exhibit:
A Natural Life: The Muries' Conservation Legacy
Murie Olaus 1889-1963

Virtual Exhibit:
A Natural Life: The Muries' Conservation Legacy

Selected readings from Olaus Murie

Murie Adolph 1899-1974  
Mushbach George N/A George Mushbach
Nelson Edward 1883-1923  
Oliveros Joe 1951-2001 Joe Oliveros
Parker Willie J. 1925-2010  
Perry John N/A  
Rhode Clarence 1913-1958  
Roehan Ken 1888-1976  
Ridgway Robert    
Roosevelt Theodore 1858-1919
Rucker Robert R. 1912-1998 Robert R. Rucker
Salyer J. Clark 1902-1966  
Sinclair John 1920-2006  
Smith Lawrence "Larry" 1925-  
Snieszko S.F. 1902-1984  
Stegner Wallace 1909-1993  
Stehn Tom 1949-  
Stephano Tony    
Stickell Lucille 1915-2007  
Stone Livingston 1836-1912  
Thornsberry Howard N/A  
Tingley Ada    
Valentine Jacob 1917-2000 Jacob Valentine
Watson Jack 1913-1982  
Wetmore Alexander 1886-1978  
White Sam 1891-1976  
Wilkirson Sidney "Pete" N/A  
Williams C.S.    
Williams Noah N/A  
Young Stanley    
Zahniser Howard 1906-1964 Howard Zahniser