Oil Spill Resources

Beach-nesting Birds of the Gulf. [Fact Sheet]. 2010. 1 p.

Best Practices for Migratory Bird Care During Oil Spill Response. USFWS. 2003. 86 p.

Birds of North America Online (Cornell - Access for FWS only - logon required)

Colonial Waterbird Colonies in Gulf of Mexico  (USGS)

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response. [Fact Sheet]. May 2010. 2 p.

eBird Gulf Coast Oil Spill Tracker

Effects of Oil on Wildlife and Habitat. [Fact Sheet]. May 2010. 2 p.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill FAQs and Links. ARLIS. 2010. 5 p.

FWS Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response

Federally Listed Species That Could Potentially Be Impacted by Gulf Oil Spill. [Fact Sheet]. 2010. 1 p.

Marine Birds of the Southeastern United States and Gulf of Mexico. FWS 82(01) March 1981

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Oil Spill Education Resources

Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Program. [Fact Sheet]. May 2010. 2 p.

NOAA Oil Spill Resources (primarily for teachers)

Oil Spill Impacts on Birds (USGS)

Rehabilitation of Birds Oiled on Two Mid-Atlantic Estuaries. (1978) Perry, Matthew C. et al. Proc. Ann. Conf. S.E. Assoc. Fish & Wildl. Agencies. 32:318-325

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