Standards of Ethical Conduct

"It is the policy and expectation of the Service that all employees maintain especially high standards of honesty, impartiality, character, and conduct to ensure the proper performance of Government business and the continual trust and confidence of the citizens of the United States. The conduct of employees must reflect:

  • the qualities of courtesy, integrity, and loyalty to the United States;
  • a deep sense of responsibility for the public trust;
  • promptness in dealing with and serving the public; and
  • a standard of personal behavior that reflects positively upon and will be a credit to both employees and the Service.

These principles apply to official conduct as well as private conduct that affects in any way the ability of employees or the Service to effectively accomplish the work of the Department." (Service Manual Chapter 212FW1)

Employees who are required to file a financial disclosure report, must complete one hour of Ethics training annually. Making Ethics a Part of the Workplace booklet, meets this annual requirement; however, in order to be credited with this training you must complete the form at the end of the booklet. All employees should be familiar with its contents, which include: use of government equipment and charge cards, traveling, accepting gifts, conflict of interest and much more.

Zero Tolerance of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is committed to eliminating discrimination and sexual harassment in the work place. It is the policy of the Service that discrimination of any type and sexual harassment in any of its various forms will not be tolerated. (National Policy Issuance 98-03)

Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunities

"It is Service policy to provide equitable treatment in all Service programs and activities to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin and physical or mental disability; promote and practice equal employment opportunity at all levels of the work force; and, attempt resolution of all complaints of discrimination based on race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability and reprisal." (Service Manual Chapter 060FW1)

No Fear Act

All Department of the Interior staff must take the Discrimination and Whistleblowing in the Workplace training. To obtain credit for this course, you will need to complete the post assessments with an average score of 75% or higher. Javascript must be enabled for your assessment to be scored and for your progress to be tracked. It is not recommend to take this course through Lotus Notes.

How to Access the Training

This training is available through DOILearn.

Political Activity

As a Service employee, you are limited in the types of political activities in which you may participate. It is the policy of the Service that employees engage only in the types of political activities permitted by Service Manual Chapter 212 FW 6 and refrain from the prohibited activities. Please review the information in permitted and prohibited activities in the policy.

Policy Statement

As part of the post course evaluation, you must affirm that you have read and understand the above Service policies regarding Zero Tolerance of Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment, Commitment to Diversity and Equal Employment, Political Activity and Standards of Ethical Conduct and completed the DOI No Fear Act online training. You will be asked this question as part of the post course test in DOI Learn.