USFWS policy is collected in Service Manual Chapters, National/ Regional Policy Issuances and Director's Orders. Each program operates under the guidelines provided in the respective Service Manual Chapters. National/Regional Policy Issuances announce to employees adopted Service policy. Director's Orders are imited to temporary delegations, emergency directives, special assignments, and initial policy or guidance for evolving activities.

As federal employees we also are subject to the rules and guidelines set forth in Executive Orders, the U.S. Code and the Code of Federal Regulations. The Service policy page will link you to these as well as the resource laws of interest to the Service.

The following topics are required for new employees to review:

Director's Priorities (below)
Standards of Ethical Conduct, Zero Tolerance of Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment, Commitment to Diversity and Equal Employment, No Fear Act, and Political Activity

As federal employees, we have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Public Law 108-447 requires all new federal employees receive training on the US Constitution.

Director's Priorities
(will change with new Director)

Policy Development
We will complete policy development for national wildlife refuges and the Endangered
Species Act.

National Fish Habitat
mplement the National Fish Habitat Initiative - this may be the greatest legacy we can leave for future generations.

Hurricane and Wetland Recovery
Educate the public that protection and restoration of marshes and wetlands help protect people from storm damage.

Endangered Species Act Reform
Work on common sense changes for the purpose of improving job performance and limiting potential litigation.

State Wildlife Action Plans

Ensure connection of state wildlife plans with the conservation efforts of the FWS and other government agencies. Work together to find where resource overlaps occur and collaborate in focus areas.