Employee Rights and Responsibilities

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The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board is an independent agency in the Executive branch of the Federal Government whose mission is to ensure that Federal employees are protected against abuses by agency management, that Executive branch agencies make employment decisions in accordance with the merit system principles, and that Federal merit systems are kept free of prohibited personnel practices. It was created by the Civil Service Reform Act (CSRA) of 1978 and codified the basic merit principles governing Federal personnel management and set forth prohibited personnel practices that, when engaged in, are a basis for disciplinary action against responsible agency officials.

The basic rights of Federal Government employees are spelled out in these two sections of the CSRA. It is important for employees to understand these principles to ensure their rights are not being violated. Supervisors, who are also employees, need to know them so that they don't violate the rights of their employees or have their rights violated. Click on the links below for additional information on these two sections.

-->> Merit Systems Principles <<--

-->> Prohibited Personnel Practices <<--

In addition to these rights, employees and supervisors also have a number of responsibilities that are spelled out in the Service Manual, Director's Orders, and applicable laws.

To see summaries of these rights and/or responsibilities, use the navigation menu on the left. Click on the appropriate link and a table of responsibilities will appear as well as links to applicable rules and laws.

This information was last updated on December 3, 2004.