John and Frank Craighead

  • John and Frank Craighead… John (1916-) and Frank (1916-2001) Craighead dedicated their lives to conserving wildlife and the great wild places of the West. Identical twins, the Craighead brothers got their start studying and writing about falcons and hawks. John went on to become a professor while Frank became refuge manager for the Desert Game Range in Nevada. In 1959 the two conservationists renewed their cooperative conservation with a landmark 12-year study of Yellowstone’s grizzly bears. The two brothers were pioneers in radio telemetry and satellite tracking of wildlife. In his 1979 book, ‘Track of the Grizzly’, Frank Craighead wrote, ‘These magnificent creatures are in so many ways the epitome of evolutionary adaptation, but in order to survive in today’s world they need our understanding. Without it they are doomed. Some may ask ‘so what?’ This book is my reply’.