Rudolph Dieffenbach

  • Rudolph Dieffenbach
    Rudolph Dieffenbach
  • Rudolph Dieffenbach Plaque
    Rudolph Dieffenbach Plaque
  • Rudolph Dieffenbach (b. 1884) acquired more land for American wildlife than any other figure before or after his era.  Rudolph spent 44 years as a federal public servant, 27 of them in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  In 1925 Rudolph was tapped by the Bureau of Biological Survey to acquire the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge.  He went on to take over the new Branch of Lands, where from 1929-1947 he oversaw the appraisal and acquisition of 272 national wildlife refuges.  In 1945 he organized and headed the Service's new River Basin Studies which protected fish and wildlife resources in existing and potential dam, irrigation, or flood control areas on the nation's rivers.  An extraordinarily energetic and efficient public servant, Rudolph headed  both the Division of Lands and River Basin Studies from 1945-1947 while also serving as Secretary for the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission from 1930-1947. Rudolph retired from Service in 1952 having established a long-lasting conservation legacy on America's lands and rivers.

    -- USFWS