CLM3167 - Critical Writing/Critical Thinking

Course CodeCLM3167
Course TitleCritical Writing/Critical Thinking
DescriptionThis intensive, hands-on writing course is designed to achieve excellence in writing through clarity in thinking. Critical thinking involves evaluating information to reach a well-justified decision or recommendation and critical writing is the clear, unambiguous communication of your information. The goal of this course is to develop your skills as a writer and editor/reviewer in order to make FWS policy and science writing clear, well-organized, persuasive, and logical.


  • Engage the various stages of the writing process (invention, arrangement, selection, writing, revision, and editing) when composing documents.
  • Consider the essential elements of content, organization, tone, and clarity when writing.
  • Construct sound, logical, and compelling arguments.
  • Develop, organize, and link ideas resulting in clear, persuasive, and logical writing.
  • Use critical thinking skills to differentiate between fact and opinion, identify author bias, develop inferential skills, and recognize logical fallacies and faulty reasoning.
  • Apply simple techniques (such as the IRAC format) that make your documents analytical, reasoned, and understandable.
  • Write well-organized sentences, paragraphs, and documents using proper conventions with reference to legal and biological standards.
  • Apply grammar, sentence structure, and plain language rules.
  • Diagnose problems in writing samples and determine improvements that could strengthen the piece.
  • Edit and revise your writing so that it is concise, contains relevant information, and is free of errors.


This course is designed for individuals who are competent in basic writing skills but are interested in strengthening their ability to communicate through their government writing. This class is designed for technical staff who want to construct more compelling, logical, and persuasive arguments and whose job it is to write or review a variety of regulatory program documents, including findings, decision documents, technical reports, recommendations, comment letters, informational documents, and planning documents. This course does not cover how to write journal articles for publication in scientific journals. For this type of training, please see Scientific Writing for Publication – Course and Clinic (CSP3182).

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
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Instructional Hours36
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Curriculum CategoryCommunications
Course FrequencyOnce per year
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