CLM8204 - Communicating Science - Distilling Your Message

Course CodeCLM8204
Course TitleCommunicating Science - Distilling Your Message

The course goal is to help participants learn to communicate more effectively about science with people outside their field, including the general public, policy makers, the media, or funders and prospective collaborators in other disciplines. Through discussion and practice, the course will first focus on fundamental skills - knowing your audience, connecting with your audience, and speaking clearly and conversationally about your work and why it matters. Then students will work on applying these skills productively in challenging settings.

Participants will take part in improvisational theater exercises aimed at helping them connect more directly and spontaneously with different audiences. This is not about turning scientists into actors or comedians, but about helping the participant recognize and engage with the audience on a level where the message of the scientist can land effectively with the listener.

The combination of an interactive plenary and small group work will help participants learn to speak clearly and vividly about their work and why it matters, in terms non-scientists can understand. Participants will practice finding common ground, speaking at different levels of complexity for different audiences, and answering questions about their work. Students will practice doing a television interview, including using improvisation skills to prepare and answering questions clearly, crisply, and very briefly.

Course Objectives:

Through taking this course, participants will be able to:
• Increase their ability to understand and connect with an audience;
• Improve their ability to speak about their work in a variety of situations;
• Take part in improvisational theater exercises aimed at helping them connect more directly and spontaneously with different audiences.

Target Audience:

This course will be offered only to FWS employees; Biologists, Project Leaders, and other employees who communicate the work of the Fish and Wildlife Service to a variety of audiences.


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