LED5030 - Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

Course CodeLED5030
Course TitleInspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

Please be aware that when this course is offered at NCTC, it is always offered back to back with either the 2 day Crucial Conversations course or the 2 day Leading At The Speed Of Trust course. As long as you are on campus attending this 2 day course, it is suggested that you attend a second course as well.

Great leaders are able to recognize emotions as they arise in response to an action or situation. As a result, they are better able to address problems and handle any future complications. They also establish meaningful connections, allowing them to enhance and expand relationships which lead to better results. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is an essential beginning to sustained, desired change for individuals, teams, organizations. This in-depth and experiential course based on the Six Seconds EQ © model will help increase your mastery of emotional intelligence to further develop your own leadership effectiveness as you gain new tools to apply immediately in the workplace. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize and regulate emotions in ourselves and others through three key elements: self-awareness, self-management, and self-direction.

Course Objectives:
Using the Six Seconds © model, participants will:
• Discuss and explore Self-Awareness as the foundational pursuit of EQ. Hands on, process oriented activity to further develop self-awareness and relate to your role as a leader.
• Understand the neuroscience behind emotional intelligence and how to use the Six Second Pause © to shift out of reaction.
• Enhance Emotional Literacy - engage in activities designed to expand on the concept that naming and claiming an emotion allows the brain and body to relax and deal with a challenging emotion.
• Understand and demonstrate its impact on your work as a leader.
• Recognize Patterns – discover and engage the reoccurring patterns of behavior that impact the choice of actions.
• Discuss and explore self-management as the 2nd pursuit in the Six Seconds © model of EQ.
• Apply Consequential Thinking - understand and apply consequential thinking by developing a series of powerful questions that relate to the emotional costs and benefits of a choice.
• Intrinsic Motivation - develop awareness of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that drive us to make a variety of choices.
• Navigate Emotions - learn to apply the Validate/Explore/Transform model of making a decision based on honoring and navigating your emotional landscape with awareness and clarity.
• Exercise Optimism - learn and apply the model of optimism as presented by many researchers in the field.
• Give Yourself - discuss and explore self-direction in the Six Seconds © model of EQ.
• Increase Empathy - understand the concepts of empathy and engage with others to explore and practice empathic responses as a leader.
• Pursue Noble Goals - increase a commitment to a vision of a purpose driven relationship with self and understand the benefits to the partners and staff that you work with.

Target Audience:
All Employees.

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
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