Good Hunting ... Still Plenty of Deer

Deer // Photo Credit: Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

NCTC's deer management program for fall 2009 harvested 38 white-tailed deer from the 538-acre training campus ... a significant jump over the average of 27 deer per year during the 6 previous years of managed hunts on the property. But wind, rain, and a record December 19 snowfall limited hunter success and a potential overall high harvest for the year. "This year's numbers were boosted by NCTC's first-ever archery hunt over two Saturdays in October, when 16 deer were taken," says NCTC land manager Phil Pannill. "But the weather on our last three Saturdays in 2009 was poor." A total of 169 people in the region applied for the public hunt, and most of them got the chance. Two spotlight surveys in November showed 78 and 47 deer, respectively, on the property. "That's a slightly lower count than our fall 2008 surveys, but still an indication of a very high deer population," says Pannill. "There are still lots of deer at NCTC."

 -- published --  February 1, 2010
 -- photo credit --  Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

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