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Forcasting Future Conditions

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Changing Feedbacks in the Climate-Biosphere System (pdf)
Declining Diversity in Natural and Restored Salt Marshes (pdf)
Ecological Restoration and Climate Change (pdf)
Global Change and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (USGS) (pdf)
Global Climate Change on Mangrove Ecosystems (USGS) (pdf)
Importance of River Restoration in Response to Climate Change (doc)
Improving How Scientists Communicate on Climate Change (pdf)
IPCC Synthesis Report 2007 (pdf)
Prairie Wetlands and Climate Change (USGS) (pdf)
Sea Level and Climate (USGS) (website)
Understanding Climate Change (pdf)
Usefulness of Bioclimatic Models for Climate Change and Invasive Species (pdf)
Vulnerability of National Parks to Sea-Level Rise (USGS) (pdf)

Evaluation Methodologies 

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A Regional Handbook for Functional Assessments of Wetlands And Riparian Forests of Arkansas (pdf)
Assessing Wetland Functions Using HGM (pdf)
Development of Landscape-Level Habitat Suitability Models (pdf)
Functional Assessment Approach for High Gradient Streams (pdf)
Functional Assessment for High Gradient Streams Data Sheet (xls)
Habitat Evaluation Procedures (HEP) Handbook (website)
HEA: Assessing Natural Resource Damages Using Environmental Annuities (pdf)
HEA: Kilo Wharf Example (pdf)
HEA: Scientifically Defensible Compensation Ratios for Wetland Mitigation (pdf)
HEA: The Appropriate Discount Rate for Social Policy Analysis (pdf)
HIP Fact Sheet (pdf)
Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration (pdf)
Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (website)
Landscape-Level Planning for Conservation of Wetland Birds in the Prairie Pothole Region (pdf)
Linking Population Viability, Habitat Suitability, and Landscape Simulation Models For Conservation Planning (pdf)
Maryland WHIP Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Worksheet (pdf)
Summaries of Habitat Assessment Methodologies (doc)
Swamp Community Model (Louisiana) (doc)

Example FWCA Reports 

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Rio Salado Oeste Project (2005) (pdf)
Tres Rios Project (2000) (pdf)

Kilo Wharf Comments- Guam (2007) (pdf)
Kilo Wharf FEIS Comments (2007) (pdf)
Kilo Wharf HEA (pdf)

Tutuila Harbor Study – American Samoa (2005) (pdf)
Leloaloa Shoreline Protection- American Samoa (2005) (pdf)

FWCA Report for St. John’s Bayou and New Madrid Floodway (2000): cover letter (pdf)
Mississippi River St. John’s Bayou and New Madrid Floodway Resources (pdf)
Missouri River Levee 142 FWCA Report (1999) (pdf)
Missouri River Levee 142 Planning Aid Letter (1994) (pdf)
Missouri River St. Joe Levee FWCA Report (2006) (pdf)
Supplemental FWCA Report for St. John’s Bayou and New Madrid Floodway (2002) (pdf)

New Mexico
Acequia de Chamita Rehabilitation Project FWCA Report (1996) (pdf)
Brantley FWCA Report (1966) (pdf)
City of Hatch Flood Protection FWCA Report (2007) (pdf)
El Paso-Las Cruces Water Project FWCA Report (2001) (pdf)
Rio Grande and Trib Flood Control Supplemental FWCA (1997) (pdf)
Rt 66 Ecosystem Revitalization FWCA Report (pdf)
Truth or Consequences Alternatives (1984) (pdf)
Truth or Consequences Biological Resources (1982) (pdf)
Truth or Consequences Data Gaps (1982) (pdf)
Truth or Consequences FWCA Report (1986) (pdf)
Truth or Consequences Mitigation (1989) (pdf)
Truth or Consequences Planning Aid Letter (1981) (pdf)
Upper Rio Grande Water Operations FWCA Report (2006) (pdf)

Zuni Project FWCA Report (1982)

New York
Chautauqua Creek Dam Removal FWCA Report (2008) (pdf)
Fire Island Draft Planning Aid Letter (2007) (doc)
Fire Island PAL Table 1 (doc)
Fire Island PAL Table 2 (doc)
Fire Island Restoration Photos (doc)
Fire Island Restoration Planning Aid Letter (2005) - Available soon!
Fire Island T&E Report (2003)

Bixby Creek Flood Protection FWCA Report (2000) (pdf)

Central City FWCA Report (2005) (doc)
Central City Planning Aid Letter (2004) (pdf)
Freeport Channel Deepening FWCA Report (2008) (pdf)
Frisco Wildlife Habitat Restoration FWCA Report (2004) (doc)
North Bosque Ecosystem Restoration FWCA Report (2006) (pdf)
North Bosque Planning Aid Letter (2003) (doc)
Upper Trinity River FWCA Report 2007 (pdf)

Mercury in Wetland

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Evaluation of Wetland Methyl Mercury Export as a Function of Experimental Manipulations (2006) (pdf)
Mercury Characterization in Lahontan Valley Wetlands, Carson River Mercury Site, Nevada, 1999 (rtf)
Mercury and Methylmercury in Water and Bottomland Sediments of Wetlands at Lostwood NWR, North Dakota, 2003-2004(pdf)

National Environmental Policy Act

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Citizen’s Guide to NEPA- Available soon!
Collaboration in NEPA- Available soon!

Stream Corridor Restoration

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NRCS Stream Corridor Restoration - Available soon!

Transfer Funding (USFWS Region 5 Examples)

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Bio-Day Rate Instruction (doc)
Bio-Day Rate Template (xls)
Guidelines for Reimbursable Agreements (doc)

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers 

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Policy Guidance for Water Quality and Water Resources Development Projects (pdf)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Home Page (website)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 

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Digest of Federal Resource Laws of Interest to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Division of Habitat and Resource Conservation- Available soon!
Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act- Available soon!
FWS Mitigation Policy
FWS NEPA Reference Handbook
U.S. Dept of Interior Technical Guide to Adaptive Management (pdf)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Mitigation Policy (1981) (pdf)
U.S Fish and Wildlife Service Home Page (website)
Water Resources Development Under the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act (2004) (pdf)

Bureau of Reclamation and Natural Resource Conservation Service 

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Bureau of Reclamation Home Page (website)
Natural Resources Conservation Service (website)


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THOMAS  - Access to congressional documents including proposed legislation, enacted legislation and the Congressional Record.  Operated by the Library of Congress (website)
United States Congress - includes the Congressional Record, United Sates Code, Public laws and more- Available soon!
United States House of Representatives (website)
United States Senate (website)

Other Federal 

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Federal Register- Available soon!
Code of Federal Regulations- Available soon!
Search the U.S. Code or Search the U.S. Code (website)
United States Code: http://law2.house.gov (website)