Microlearning Videos

Microlearning videos provide online learners with the knowledge and skill development they require to achieve their objectives. Here are a few from the employees at the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC). Hoover your mouse over the title to see the description of the video.

Climate Adaptation | Collaboration and Conflict Transformation | Conservation Policy | Decision Analysis | Know Your Mission

Climate Adaptation

Natural resource managers and conservation professionals face challenges and uncertainty with the changing climate. The videos below describe the various aspects of climate change impacts to natural resource management, addressing uncertainty as it relates to climate change, understanding and using climate models, and addressing future climate scenarios. They serve to ​complement the ‘Climate Fundamentals for USFWS Employees’ training.

Climate Change 101: The Observed Evidence for Warming World  Climate Change 101: Carbon Dioxide and the Earth's Atmosphere - How Human Activities are altering the Greenhouse Effect Climate Change 101: Observed Impacts - How Climate Change is already altering our World
Climate Change 101: Future Impacts - How Climate Change will affect the United States  Climate Impacts 201: Great Plains Climate Projections 301: Uncertainty
Climate Projections 301: Downscaling  Climate Projections 301: Future Scenarios Climate Projections 301: Global Climate Models
Climate Projections 301: Sea Level Rise Advanced Application 401: Future Scenarios  

Collaboration and Conflict Transformation in Multiparty Processes

Natural resource managers and conservation professionals involved in multiparty collaborative decision processes face increasingly complex decisions where underlying conflict can undermine their efficacy if unknown or inappropriately addressed. Distinct from workplace interpersonal conflict, these short videos focus on working with conflict in the context of a collaborative decision process. These select topics were chosen:

What is Conflict?

When to Engage in Collaborative Process

Collaborative Process Design
Addressing Impediments Getting to Yes: Introduction Getting to Yes: Practicing Skills
Trust: Building & Maintaining Collaborative Relationships & Processes Distrust: Building & Maintaining Collaborative Relationshiips & Processes  


Are you ready for a collaborative process?

Conservation Policy

These courses explore mission relevant policies and planning topics. Participants learn how to locate, interpret, and apply regulations resulting from policy and law. You can view all videos in this series by going to the Section 7 Interagency Consultation YouTube playlist.

Sec 7 Interagency Consultation

1- Welcome to Section 7 2 - ESA Overview 3 - What is Section 7
4 - Incidental Take 5 - Introduction to Federal Register 6 - Use of 50 CFR
7 - The Process of Section 7 Consultation 8 - Definitions Final 9 - Section 7(a)(1)
10 - Deep Dive into Section 7    

Decision Analysis

These videos build the knowledge and skills needed to make better decisions. Most videos are based on the Problem, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences & Tradeoffs (PrOACT) model and the Structured Decision Making (SDM) process.

Differentiating Decision Analysis Components of a Decision Warning: Retrospective Storytelling
Good Decision Bad Outcome What Makes a Good Decision Bad Decision Good Outcome
Pitfalls of Human Decision Making Centrality of Objectives  


Know Your Mission

The ‘Know Your Mission series’ is intended to introduce new employees or employees with new responsibilities to the laws, policies, and guidance that the Service operates under.

The Wilderness Act