Communicating Visually: A Resource Page

Just because you've finished the Communicating Visually Workshop, doesn't mean you can't still use the awesome resources. Bookmark this page for easy access to the resources you used in the course.

Symbol/Icon URLs

If you are pressed for time...
Stock Image Sites

  • Creative Commons (Flickr, Google Images, Pixabay)

  • Definitely one of the most popular free photo sites. The photographers establish the terms, so read the condition, but most pictures can be reused immediately (formerly

  • Find royalty free stock photography for eLearning courses. This site has some nice, free, downloadable, useful images.

  • Stock Vault offers a lot of free images. Just make sure to read license agreements.

  • Offers stock photographs in high resolution digital. With over 55,000 images, divided into several categories.

Elements of Design


Line Examples using different thicknesses


Shades of Color Value


Shape/Form Examples


Texture Examples


Different Examples of Color


Space/Perspective Example

Projct Articulate (Alaska Public Schools)

Principles of Design


Examples of patterns repeating with shapes and images


Examples demonstrating size and shape balance


Examples of still images indicating rhythm and movement


Unity of theme and scenes, everything that's in the image is unified and belongs in the scene


Example showing a dog silhouette, comparing the size with a scale, a cat, and a rabbit silhouette


Example highlighting, or emphasizing, an area of the photo

Projct Articulate (Alaska Public Schools)

Use of Color

Adobe Color (Formerly Kuler)

Colour Lovers

Pantone Infographic - 50 Years of Color

Design Seeds

How to Think Visually Using Analogies - Anna Vital


Infographic Elements

  • Title
  • Theme
  • Numbers
  • Credited Sources
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Symbols
  • Navigation Aids
  • Color Palette

Infographic Examples (URLs)

Chronological Story/Timeline

(space travel to Pluto)

(10 Best Universities in US)

(7 Species of Sea Turtles)

(Life Hacks: Packing for International Travel)
(Elements of Design)
(Science in Alaska)

Charts with Statistics
(Mobile Phone Usage)

Compare and Relationships
(Global Carbon Footprint)
(What to do with a Baby Bird)
(Favorite Ice Cream Flavors)

(DC Metro Map)

More Infographic Examples:

Create an Infographic in Six Steps

Step 1 - Gather Information

  • Gather information.
  • Evaluate and cite your sources.
  • Describe the theme of your infographic in one sentence.

Step 2 - What story do you want to tell?

  • Describe your story in 1-2 sentences.
  • Who is your target audience?

Step 3 - Visualize Data

  • Visualize someone from your target audience.
  • How would they read the data?
  • Summarize the story you want to tell with the data, keeping your audience in mind.
  • Imagine what your data could look like.

Step 4 - Build an Outline

  • What data will grab the viewer's attention?
  • Make an outline to show what data is most important.
  • What are the headings and subheadings?
  • Will help you determine flow.

Step 5 - Sketch a Layout

  • Sketch a rough layout (called "wireframing").
  • Use your outline as a guide for hierarchy.
  • Determine the placement of the most important data and the flow of the rest.

Step 6 - Design and Refine

  • Add color to your infographic.
From Shift: disruptive learning

Free Online Infographic Generators

Infographic Design Kit

Tell Stories in Presentations Using Graphics or Images (Sample URLs)

“What Would Steve Do?”
example of “how to” use images to tell a story
“How Google Works” by Eric Schmidt
*Best example of using graphics to tell a story
“What If” by Motivate Design
A Laundromat transformation story
"Eco-nomics" by Josh Beatty
Tells a story about hidden costs for Average Joe
“An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore
Tells the story of global warming/climate change
“The Clock is Ticking on Long Island” – Rauch Foundation
Tells the story of Long Island decline; case study for Nancy Duarte
Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences
Has templates and guidance for telling stories in presentations by Nancy Duarte

A few more examples:

Stop Illegal Wlidlife Trade

History in the Mountains

NYC Street Art

Presentation Resources

Student Submitted Resources

GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) Resources