The Supervisory Update

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Video gallery of episodes 1 through 10.

Episode 1 - Aired November 5, 2009 - Developing Your Employees
Individual Development Plans, Setting up Performance Plans, Holding the Performance Meeting, Coach's Corner:  Reinforcing Coaching

Episode 2 - Aired January 28, 2010 - Getting the Best Out of Your Team
Benefit Changes, Generational Differences, Motivitating Your Employees, Coach's Corner:  Recognizing Employees

Episode 3 - Aired May 6, 2010
Mid-Year Performance Reviews,Youth Hire Initiative, Fair Labor Standards Act, New Tools from HR, Delegating to Employees, Coach's Corner:  Redirecting Feedback

Episode 4 - Aired July 1, 2010
The Hiring Process, Student Employment Programs, Veteran's Hiring Programs, CADR and CorePlus, Coach's Corner:  Managing and Leveraging Conflict

Episode 5 - Aired September 2, 2010
End-Of-Year Review, Annual Performance Discussion, Holding Difficult Conversations, Update on Supervisory Training, Volunteers, Coach's Corner:  Questioning Techniques

Episode 6 - Aired November 4, 2010
Hiring Reform Update (effective Nov. 1, 2010), Performance Based Interviewing, Writing Critical Elements and Performance Standards, Career Awareness Tool Kit, Coach's Corner: Counseling

Episode 7 - Aired February 3, 2011
Hiring People with Disabilities, Leading Effective Meeting, Performance Based Interviewing, Coach's Corner:  Developmental Coaching

Episode 8 - Aired June 9, 2011 - Leading Through Change
FBMS Overview, Overview of The Leadership Challenge, Coach's Corner:  Coaching through Change

Episode 9 - Aired August 4, 2011 - Are You Ready?
FBMS Overview Part II, Telework Basics, Supervising Employees in Remote Locations, Coach's Corner:  Coaching Conversations

Episode 10 - Aired November 3, 2011 - Roll out the NEW year!
FBMS Overview Part III, NEW Supervisory Skills Workshop, Your Supervisory Role in DOI Learn, Coach's Corner:  Listening