Balances the interests of a variety of clients and readily readjusts priorities to respond to pressing and changing client demands.  Anticipates and meets the needs of clients, achieves quality end-products, and is committed to continuous improvement of services.


Customer Service is based on a deep commitment to serving your stakeholders.  Good Customer Service recognizes that there are multiple stakeholders who are both internal and external customers, identifies and meets their needs, and strives for continuous improvement.  Exemplary Customer Service and stakeholder support is critical to an effective and efficient government and to successful accomplishment of the Service mission.

How do First Appointment Leaders Demonstrate This Competency?

First Appointment Leaders must clearly communicate high expectations for good customer service, develop effective ways of consulting with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that service meets current and changing needs, and apply emerging ideas and technologies to serving the customer. 

Elements of the Competency and Distinguishing Behaviors


Distinguishing Behaviors

Demonstrates personal commitment to customer service.

  • Identifies and acts on opportunities to enhance customer service delivery system.
  • Regularly, clearly and enthusiastically communicates personal high expectations for good customer service to the team/unit.

Identifies and anticipates customer needs to provide exemplary service.

  • Uses input and feedback from customers and team members to anticipate and make improvements in customer service.
  • Gives clear explanations to stakeholders about why action has, or has not, been proposed or taken regarding their desires.
  • Builds information-gathering tools and uses them in decision making and planning.

Understands the diverse perspectives, issues and needs of stakeholders.

  • Communicates with stakeholders determine their needs.
  • Provides service that best attempts to address underlying sources and issues behind stakeholder needs.
  • Considers stakeholder needs and makes service delivery decisions based on those needs balanced with Service requirements and parameters.

Understands the Service mission within its ethical and legal parameters.

  • Uses legal and ethical standards to resolve issues of fairness, equality, and appropriate scope of services.
  • Stresses the need for flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Ensures equal access to services for everyone.

Continuously improves products and services.

  • Works creatively towards achieving customer goals.
  • Looks for alternate approaches and adapts new concepts when appropriate.
  • Applies emerging ideas, innovations, and new technologies to serving the customer.

Developmental Activities

There are numerous activities an employee may engage in that provide the opportunity to develop this competency at the First Appointment Leader level.   These activities may include, but are not limited to, on-the-job experience, details, shadow assignments, participating in training as a leader or participant and other life experiences.   These activities provide the opportunity to develop for those dedicated to their individual growth as a leader.  Specific examples of developmental opportunities for this competency include:

Primary Developmental Activities

  • Research and address your customers’ needs.
  • Volunteer for a detail to a customer service position within your organization or to an outside organization that excels in customer service.
  • Consider how you would design systems so that they are more effective and efficient?

Supporting Developmental Activities

Experiential Developmental Details or Assignments

  • Read a book on extraordinary customer service with case studies.
  • Shadow someone who is a customer service “superstar."
  • Develop a survey or tool to get feedback from your customers.
  • Attend a diversity program to learn about other cultures and perspectives.
  • Work on improving listening skills and not becoming defensive when customers complain, criticize or make special requests.
  • Maintain a positive attitude, and visualize yourself as a dissatisfied customer.  What would you correct in your workplace?
  • Visualize yourself in the customer's shoes.
  • Evaluate the impact of your behaviors on others.


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