Process Used to Develop the Model

In the fall of 2006, a survey was created and administered to Service focus groups determine which OPM leadership competencies the Service determined to be most important for conservation professionals.  The survey included all 28 of the OPM leadership competencies for each of the four different organizational leadership levels as defined above.  Respondents were asked to identify the seven most important competencies for leadership success at their individual leadership level.

This data was compiled by the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) and presented to the Service Directorate at a meeting in January 2007.  At that meeting, the Directorate approved the final list of mission critical leadership competencies for the Service.  Since that time, NCTC has been working with a number of Service leaders all over the country to clarify the meaning and significance of each of these competencies at each organizational leadership level, and to create guidance regarding how to obtain proficiency and mastery of the competencies.  The outcome of this work is reflected in the USFWS Leadership Competency Development Model.