Restoration Policy, Planning, and Partnering - CSP3133

Course Description


This course provides restoration practitioners a foundation in restoration policy and planning, covering the Federal authorities for restoration; compliance requirements, including the National Environmental Policy Act; general principles of restoration science; and, the steps involved in developing a restoration plan within the context of landscape-scale conservation and climate change. Case studies will exemplify building partnerships and other key concepts of the course.


The training objectives for the course include developing proficiency in planning restoration projects under various Federal authorities and programs.


Tuition for this course is $995.

FWS, NPS and BLM Employees are not subject to the tuition fee.

All other participants must provide tuition payment information at the time of registration to ensure enrollment in the class.
Credit Card payment is preferred. Payment by check is accepted from non-Federal Government agencies only. Although payment information is required at the time of registration, no payments are processed until the conclusion of the class.

Course Logistics


July 20 - 24, 2015


NCTC, Shepherdstown, WV

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Brenda Hooper

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Amy wing

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