CLM8114 - Volunteer Recruitment and Management

Course CodeCLM8114
Course TitleVolunteer Recruitment and Management
DescriptionVolunteers can play a critical factor in meeting the management objectives of the FWS. Participants in this course learn to develop and maintain strong volunteer and group service programs. Discussion explores the benefits and challenges of working with volunteers. Examples of resident and non-resident volunteer programs throughout the FWS are also discussed.
Identify appropriate applications of a volunteer program at your site;
Describe strategies for recruiting and maintaining volunteer staff;
Determine appropriate methods of training and supervising volunteer staff;
Suggest ways of integrating volunteers with paid staff;
Discuss incentives and benefits for volunteers;
Outline techniques that provide involvement, build morale and promote team building;
List examples of group service projects; and
Discuss the use of internships to meet the objectives of organizational programs.
Target Audience:
Conservation managers with the responsibility of working with volunteer programs.

Delivery MethodOnline Instructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$200.00
Instructional Hours18
Course Content Contactlaurie Heupel:; (304) 876-7486;
Curriculum CategoryVisitor Services
Course FrequencyOnce per year
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College Credit NameSemester Hours
College Credit Value1
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Schedule:  CLM8114 - Volunteer Recruitment and Management

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7/31/2018 8/30/2018 For registration questions, please contact:
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Online Laurie Heupel
(304) 876-7486
Do you manage volunteers? Need some training on how to better recruit volunteers and man-age your program? Then this course is designed for you! You'll learn the value of developing and maintaining strong programs to work with volunteers. Learn how volunteer programs can play a role in meeting the management objectives of the Service. Benefits of, and sensitive issues in, working with volunteers will be discussed, as well as examples of resident, and non-resident volunteer programs throughout the Service. This five week online class meets for eleven, 2-hour sessions online. The class will meet twice a week with one final session during the fifth week.