CSP3410 - River Assessment and Monitoring (Wildland Hydrology)

Course CodeCSP3410
Course TitleRiver Assessment and Monitoring (Wildland Hydrology)

All non-FWS participants, including DOI agencies, must register through Wildland Hydrology (Phone: 970/568-0003).

This course is designed to train individuals in field data collection methods and analysis techniques for: 1) determining stream channel stability, stream bank erosion prediction, and measurement; 2) sediment relations; 3) potential versus existing stream conditions; 4) influence of riparian vegetation on channel stability; 5) the variables that influence stream condition; 6) integration of ecosystem concepts into field applications. The monitoring of vertical and horizontal stability, channel materials, sediment transport and hydraulics will be presented.

Prerequisite: FIS3310 River Morphology and Applications

The course includes hands on techniques for field measurements, data analysis and interpretations and the use of replicate studies for verification and time trend analysis. Design and application of monitoring objectives and methods for channel stability and the collection and analysis of suspended and bedload sediment will also be included.
Target Audience:
Field Staff involved in stream habitat assessment and restoration.

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$2,390.00
Instructional Hours76
Course Content ContactGary Schetrompf: gary_schetrompf@fws.gov; (304) 876-7255; gary_schetrompf@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryHabitat Assessment Restoration and Management
Course FrequencyOnce per year
Registration LinkLMS
College Credit NameSemester Hours
College Credit Value2
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Schedule:  CSP3410 - River Assessment and Monitoring (Wildland Hydrology)