NCTC Video B-Roll

Wildlife (Shot Log)

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Videographers: Brett Billings, Ryan Hagerty, and Doug Canfield, USFWS/NCTC.

Click here to download video!American Insects 1 (00:10:09)

  • Slate
  • Dog Violet with small flies
  • CU violet flower and fly
  • MS Painted trillium with fly
  • CU Painted trillium with fly
  • WS Swarms of Midge flies
  • CU Orange Dragonfly on twig (Flame Skimmer)
  • MS,ECU Orange Dragonfly on twig (Flame skimmer)
  • MS Red ant on Butterfly weed flower
  • MS,CU Black and white Dragonfly on stick (female Widow Skimmer)
  • MS Widow Skimmer Dragonfly on stick, flies away
  • MS Small pool of clear water with Water strider
  • MS Water Striders mating on water’s surface
  • MS Green Drake Mayfly on wooden rail
  • CU Green Drake Mayfly on wooden rail
  • MCU Bronze Copper Butterfly
  • Tilt-up Green weed to Common Blue Damselfly
  • CU Painted Lady Butterfly
  • CU Sideview Common Blue Damselfly
  • MS Sideview Common Blue Damselfly swinging tail
  • CU Grasshopper on green leaf
  • MS Bee and beetles on Partridge Pea flower
  • CU Bee and Beetles on Partridge Pea flower
  • CU Firefly mimic on purple flower
  • CU Blue Hairstreak Butterfly on purple spiky flower
  • WS Lake with green bush in foreground
  • MS Mayflies swarming off bush and swallows eating them
  • CU Giant Brown Mayfly on leaf
  • CU Damselfly on rock eats Mayfly
  • CU Giant Mayfly trapped in spider web – struggles
  • MS 3 Mayflies in web
  • CU Shadows of Mayflies on rock
  • Pan Damselfly eating Mayfly
  • MS, CU Two Damselflies mating on rock at water’s edge
  • MS Mayfly on grass
  • MS.CU Mayflies on Giant Ragweed
  • WS,MS Mayflies on grasses
  • CU 5 Mayflies under leaf
  • MS Many Mayflies in web
  • MS Caterpillar on green twig
  • CU Blue Dasher Dragonfly female (yellowish) on briar
  • CU Blue Dasher Dragonfly (male) on stick
  • MS Bumblebee on Pickerel weed flower
  • Flame skimmer Dragonfly on top of twig
  • END

Click here to download video!American Insects 2 (00:10:08)

Date: April 13, 2015
Location: National Conservation Training Center, WV and around the USFWS Refuge System

  • Grasshopper (Katydid) calling on blade of grass – several shots
  • Cicada emerging from soil, climbing tree, Time-lapse of emerging from nymphal husk, drying wings
  • Pearl Crescent Butterfly (Phycoides thuros), on Black-eyed Susan flower
  • Gulf Frittilary Butterfly (Agraulis vanillae)
  • Two Great Spangled Fritillary (Speyeria cybele) Butterflies on orange butterfly weed flowers, Monarch butterfly caterpillar below
  • Common Buckeye Butterfly (Junonia coenia) on white flower, CU of wing and head
  • Two Butterflies mating – Cloudless Sulphur Butterflies (Phoebis sennae), Cloudless Sulphur feeding on cardinal flower
  • Female Black Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio polyxenes) on buttonbush flower
  • Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) zoom-in to Gulf Fritillary caterpillar (Agraulis vanillae) eating leaves, CU caterpillar eating leaves
  • 18-spot Ladybug (ladybird beetle) on leaf (Harmonia axyridis)
  • Large milkweed bugs (Oncopeltus fasciatus), two adult milkweed bugs and several nymphs (juveniles)
  • Dragonfly – “Blue Dasher” (Pachydiplax longipennis) eating prey on grass stem
  • Dragonfly – “Halloween Pennant” (Celithemis eponina) perched on top of grass stem
  • Fishing spider (Dolomedes triton) on leaf in water, eating water strider
  • Grasshopper on grass seed head
  • Many shots of damselflies – “ebony jewelwings” (Calopteryx maculata), on grass by stream, on flowers, on leaves, fluttering over water, rack-focuses
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 1 (00:09:30)

Date: 09/09/2013
Location: USA National Wildlife Refuges
Description: Wildlife Footage from around the refuge system
  • MS downed trees, grey, Black Bear (Ursus americanus) moving between trees
  • MS Black Bear near downed trees, light green grass
  • MS Black Bear walking near downed tree, brush in foreground
  • MS Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos) at Yellowstone National Park, in shallow water eating remains of deer, steel grey water, brown and green grassy    shore, camera moves away quickly
  • MS similar to previous clip, bear lifts head and looks around
  • MS Grizzly Bear walking, brown dirt, patches of green grass, snow blowing through air, dark forest in background, stop and shakes while facing camera
  • MS Grizzly Bear eating, dark forest background, heavy snow blowing, snow sticking to bears coat, patchy green grass
  • MS Grizzly Bear laying on patchy green grass, dark forest background, eating, light snow falling, snow sticking to bear, stands up and continues to eat
  • WS Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) at Yellowstone National Park. Dark coat, green/brown grass, lighter colored wolf passes through view, third wolf –    medium colored grey joins the pair, 4th wolf comes into view
  • MS Gray Wolf with nearly black coat eating, tall brown grasses in foreground, green grass, full body profile
  • MS dark Gray Wolf walking, tall brown grasses, green grass
  • CS Coyote (Canis latrans) laying in green grass
  • MS Coyote in tall brown/grey grass, walks to left as camera follows, full body profile, coyote jumps, looks up at camera, turns and walks away
  • MS Coyote in tall light brown grass digging catches and eats small rodent, walks away
  • CS American Badger (Taxidea taxus), green and brown grass and brush
  • MS Similar to previous clip
  • CS Badger eating green shrub, turns and looks at camera
  • CS Badger moving to right through green grass, turns and runs away from direction of camera
  • MS Badger lying on ground, smaller badgers come into view from hold in ground, one smaller badger climbs over the largest adger, brown dirt, brown/green grasses and brush
  • MS similar to previous clip, largest badger backs away from smaller badger and lays down, zooms in on badger face, smaller badgers move into view playful small badgers
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 2 (00:09:30)

Date: 09/09/2013
Location: USA National Wildlife Refuges
Description: Wildlife Footage from around the refuge system
  • WS light green field, buffalo herd – American Bison (Bison bison), dark forest in background, many buffalo visible
  • CS Buffalo walking toward right, sniffs and paws at ground, turns and rolls in dirt, dust cloud, dry grass, light brown dirt
  • MNS large herd of Buffalo moving quickly across dry grass field
  • CS large male Buffalo walking through tall golden/green grass
  • MS 2 buffalo standing on grassy hill, looking toward camera
  • MS profile view of Elk (Cervus elaphus), light brown grass
  • MS Bull elk at river edge, good audio, Elk lifts head and calls
  • WS Elk harem, multiple elk,
  • CS female elk eating at river edge, standing in water, lifts head and chews, faces toward camera, tall tan grass, dark blue water
  • CS Bull Elk on tan grassy incline, walks to left, stop s, lifts head and calls, good audio
  • WS two Elk antler battling, tan grass
  • WS Elk, tan hills, 2 groups of 2 bulls each, antler battling
  • MS 2 Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) bucks, tall tan grass
  • MS profile Mule Deer buck, tall tan grass, zoom out, second Mule Deer buck
  • MS Mule Deer doe, head down eating light tan grass
  • Mule Deer buck eating tan grass, full body profile, zooms in on head
  • MS Mule deer in velvet eating tops of green grasses, head sticking out from behind greenery
  • MS White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) doe, head held high, sneezes, snot drips from nose, tall/green grass, dark green trees in background
  • MS 2 White-tailed bucks, smaller buck irritates larger buck until they fight, smaller buck gives in quickly, larger buck scratches back with hind leg, dark forest background, tan and green grass
  • MS White-tailed buck standing in tall reddish brown grasses, turns away from camera and jumps as he moves away from camera
  • MS White-tailed buck standing in green grass near gravel road, tan and dark brown brushy background
  • MS White-tailed doe running through green grass, snall fawn joins, green trees in background
  • MS White-tailed deer carcass green grass
  • CS White-tailed deer carcass, close shot of bones
  • CS White-tailed deer carcass, close shot of skull, spine and ribs
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 3 (00:07:15)

Date: 09/09/2013
Location: USA National Wildlife Refuges
Description: Wildlife Footage from around the refuge system
  • MS Desert Bighorn Sheep (ovis candensis nelsoni) mother with young lamb, tan rocky background
  • MS Desert Bighorn Sheep on dark rocky ridge, blue sky
  • MS Desert Bighorn Sheep on brown rocky ridge, blue sky
  • MS Desert Bighorn Ewe and lamb on rocky ridge, blue sky, both face camera
  • MS Desert Bighorn Ewes and lambs (2 sets) on rocky ridge, profile, sparse tree, blue sky
  • MS Pronghorn Antelope (Antilocapra americana) in dark brush
  • MS Pronghorn Does, brown grass, pans right to another group of does (5), pans left, Pronghorns eating
  • MS White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) buck, non-typical rack, walking, profile, tan grass, camera follows as buck walks left and out of sight behind taller grasses
  • CS Pronghorn buck laying down chewing, tan grass background, zooms out
  • CS Pronghorn buck chewing, profile, tan grass, pans up to antlers and down to face, zooms out, shakes head
  • MS Pronghorn herd, golden tan grasses
  • MS Pronghorn buck running, golden colored grasses
  • MS Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (Ovis Canadensis) laying in tan grass
  • WS 3 Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep lying in tan grass, rocky
  • CS Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep male laying down chewing, facing camera
  • MS Bighorn sheep male at base of tree, sticks on ground in background, walks to right, zooms in, turn toward camera, drops ead to eat, tan grass, rocky ground
  • CS Bighorn sheep male close-up of face, tan grass, lifts head and turns to look at camera
  • MS Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep male walks toward another Bighorn, one leans against the other
  • MS Bighorn Sheep male with head held up, profile, tan grassy hill
  • CS Bighorn Sheep male close-up of face, zooms out to show whole head, nearly motionless profile shot
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 4: Coyote (00:08:22)

Date: March 4, 2016
  • This BRoll consists of various shots of Coyotes in a hay field at Bosque del Apache NWR, New Mexico, in Summer. Coyotes howl repeatedly and run around in field near hay bales. Shot in Summer 2014
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 5: Black Bear and Javelina B-Roll (00:09:17)

Date: March 4, 2016
  • MS-Tilt-down of Black Bear (Ursus americanus) eating apples under Pine trees
  • CU- Bears muzzle eating apples
  • MCU-Bear laying down while eating
  • CU-Bear’s face
  • MS-Javelinas (Pecari tajacu) foreging in grass (several shots – WS, MS)
  • MCU-Javelinas eating along roadside and cross road
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 6: Best of Bison Range B-Roll (00:10:23)

Date: 09/2015
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Pronghorn Antelope (Antilocapra Americana). Several shots (WS, MS, CU). Bucks with grass in horns, bucks fighting, buck CU-breathing in cold air. Two antelopes running, WS herd of Antelope, young buck, MS large buck in field.
  • Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus) large buck with big antlers browsing in weeds – several shots (WS, MS).
  • White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) female in weeds looking at camera, two does in field WS. Small White-tailed Deer back in field. MCU doe grazing, three does walking in Fall field, MCU and WS doe grazing, white-tailed deer buck goes under fence, walks through bushes and passes second large buck.
  • Elk (Cervus Canadensis). Elk bull with several femals (cow) Elk, two large bull elk pacing near each other, MCU large Bull Elk in field, MCU two large bull elk – threateneing to fight. Large Bull Elk running amongst cow elk, MCU large Bull Elk by creek, WS Bull Elk silhouetted against orange sky, WS Elk Bull and cow in field with mountains in background.
  • American Bison (Bison bison). Large male Bison grazes in Fall field. WS one bison rests while Bull grazes. CU bison rolling in dust. WS small Bison herd walks across field. MCU female Bison and calf cross field. WS small group of Bison playing in field. Elk Bison kicking up dust. WS lone Bison on hill with mountain in background. CU Bison grazing.
  • Rock Mountain Bighorn Sheep (Ovis Canadensis). MCU group of 5 Rams walking on hillside. CU large Ram, WS group of Rams on hill with blue sky. MCU 4 Rams standing and chewing. Tilt-up of Ram from reflection in pond. CU Ram’s head, MS small Ram comes down to pond. CU ram drinking green water, MS two rams run downhill to pond, WS 4 rams at pond. CU Ram drinking by racks. Ram turns and walks away.
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 7: Pronghorn (00:11:42)

Date: 09/2015
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service HD-B roll Pronghorn Antelope
  • Close-up of head of Pronghorn (American Antelope); Antilocapra americana-pan to follow as it strolls in field-occasionally feeding
  • Switch to view of hillside and full size antelope
  • Pronghorn trotting left to right-background nicely blurred
  • Switch to pronghorn cautering right to left runs to second antelope
  • Close up of face of Pronghorn begins to run right to left
  • Two Pronghorn in field of autumn colored grassy field eventually split-up –one running to left-other walking to right-brakes into gallop
  • Pronghorn with some brush hanging on antlers - Walking right to left second Pronghorn comes into view and walks past
    Two Pronghorns locking horns duking it out - Then split up
  • Pronghorn pawing ground-pan up to reveal three others in field feeding
  • Two Pronghorns side by side
  • Scenic hillside with mountain and blue sky background. Pronghorn in lower right corner of field
  • Pronghorn at edge of forest
  • Two Pronghorn running side by side left to right
  • Pronghorn close-up of head snorting steam
  • Scenic: hillside field with several Pronghorns, feeding and running around
  • Six Pronghorn in field-some feeding several more join
  • Panning left to follow single Pronghorn
  • Flock of Pronghorns moving in field
  • Pronghorn without antlers lying in field ruminating
  • View of rear of Antelope , turns around and bounds off
  • Scenic: tall rust colored grass in foreground-hillside and blue sky background
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 8: Deer (00:11:22)

Date: 09/2015
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Mule Deer (Black-tailed Deer) buck-viewed from rear-standing in tall amber colored grass-looking around-occasionally bending down to feed. This is a large animal with a large rack; Odocoileus hemionus
  • Now viewed lead-on-looking straight into camera
  • Close-up of Mule Deer-side view mostly head with rack
  • Scenic-amber and rust colored grass foreground-hills and blue sky background-Mule Deer in lower left position feeding - Continues walking and feeding occasionally looking up
  • Close-up of head of mule deer with close-up of rack with points
  • Scenic-Autumn colors of grass and hills in background-Mule Deer in lower left position feeding and occasionally looking around
  • Head-on shot of mule deer feeding in tall grass
  • Scenic-tall grass-some green brush mixed in –taller brush-amber hill and blue sky background-large mule deer buck in lower left area-feeding and occasionally looking up and around
  • Close-up of mule deer buck background of autumn colored brush
  • Scenic: Rust colored-tallgrass ambient light is golden-white-tailed deer buck (Virginia Deer): Odocoileus virgianus-feeding and walking right to left
  • White-tailed doe feeding in tall amber clored grass
  • Two white-tailed does and a juvenile walking and grazing
  • Close up of White-tailed doe grazing in tall grass-zoom out for wider angled view
  • White-tailed buck approaching wire fence and walking under fence to other side-walks away from fence and continues to walk
  • through mostly green brush-walks past other buck-camera stops on other buck looking into camera
  • White-tailed buck posing in green grass-zoom in for closer view of buck-occasionally feeding on short grass
  • White-tailed doe standing in tall amber grass-looking into camera
  • Scenic-foreground rust colored grass and brush-background green trees-four white tailed does grazing
  • Two white-tailed does walking and grazing-one walks off camera other standing perfectly still
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 9: Elk (00:11:15)

Date: 09/2015
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Ws- Elk grassy field, red light-several elk grazing-small waterway on left. Great scenic
  • Scenic-rolling hills covered with some short green grass-mostly amber colored grass and brush-solitary elk with large rack grazing
  • Scenic-foreground ocher colored grass-middle short-somewhat green grass background-tall green trees, can see water way between trees – 3 elk-one buck, 2 does-also white-tailed deer-all walking and grazing
  • Same background as in 3 but has six does grazing. Buck with large rack enters from right
  • Four (4) elk females grazing, one buck with them-background is open field-occasional out crop of stone
  • Several elk-2 adult female one juvenile-on buck laying in grass-background mostly blue sky with wispy clouds-bird flies past right to left
  • Scenic-low level medium shot- four elk-3 adult does-one juvenile, all feeding in low grass-background blue sky with wispy white clouds
  • Two elk bucks facing each other several times-one eventually leaves
  • Two bucks grazing in open field-one moves past female and is calling
  • Close up of 2 females and buck camera pans to follow buck as it moves right and is calling.
  • As buck moves right-several does heads pop up from tall ocher colored grass-buck looks around
  • Dark footage-Fire female elk grazing on grass in open field
  • Same area-switch to WA view-four adult female elk-one juvenile-one buck with large rack-all grazing
  • Same rather dark footage (?just after sunset) two elk bucks grazing and ignoring each other-both begin walking away left
  • Scenic-open area with circular waterway on left-Island with small green trees-elk buck on right-barely visible deer in background
  • Buck and doe elk grazing, background large green trees
  • Scenic-wide angle view can see over trees to mountains in background-two elk-one is a buck grazing on left
  • Four (4) female elks grazing one (1) white tailed deer in background grazing
  • Two does-one buck elk in open field-one comes running from left and continues out on right-another walks in from left
  • Four female, one male elk on hillside, two white tailed deer in background
  • Scenic-waterway enters from left-large tree trunk down across waterway - A large elk buck is at the right edge of water-bellowing-across the waterway in front of the downed tree trunk, a beaver pushes a log in the water
  • Close-up of head of buck elk with large rack.-background mostly water-buck moves right to go behind pale green brush
  • Dark reddish color-large elk buck-facing away turns left and is prancing in tall amber grass runs off to left
  • Large male elk in tall ocher colored grass-Doe enters at trot from left continues trotting out on right panning right to follow buck as he walks right bellowing eventually walks out of picture
  • Doe and buck elk on hillside tall green trees in background a small white tailed deer present
  • Fire elk doe enter from left grazing - A sixth comes in-they continue walking right and grazing
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 10: Elk (00:11:23)

Date: 09/2015
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Continuation of last shot of part #1-Several Elk doe grazing in open field- hills and green trees background Close-up of Elk Buck with large rack-exposure sl. Dark
  • Adult elk doe and juvenile nursing. Background consists of ocher colored grass-some green brush. Mother-walks off
  • Large elk buck in open field – zoom in slightly
  • Six elk doe grazing on hillside tall green trees in back ground also in background are two white-tailed deer grazing-continuous panning right-comes on large buck
  • Great scenic-wide angle-foregrouond-comical shaped hillside with green tree background in front of mountainous scene over trees-six elk doe and one buck-grazing.
  • Close-up of elk buck with large multi-pronged rack-buck begins to walk left then breaks into trot and comes upon a doe-doe walks away
  • Scenic: Hillside with seven elk doe and one buck-also 2 white tailed deer are grazing
  • Two doe (one looks pregnant) and one buck elk grazing
  • Solitary elk buck-on hill-second buck appears and its much younger-rack has only one branch
  • Large adult elk buck in front of large tree-looking directly into camera then walks and trots away
  • Scenic in Autumn color-rolling hillside-sky is mostly orange and gold-large peaks of mountains in background-two bucks one doe grazing
  • Close-up of two elk buck facing each other in tall ocher colored grass
  • Three elk buck grazing in tall grass
  • Large adult elk buck grazing in tall grass
  • Large adult elk buck silhouetted on hillside
  • Zoom out for wider angle
  • Large adult elk buck in tall multicolored grass and brush walks behind brush
  • Adult with large rack feeding in tall grass-lighting very golden
  • Large adult male elk facing cameral-begins walking toward camera then stops and continues to look around-zoom in for closer look
  • Large adult elk buck on side of hill facing left-walking up hill
  • Tall multicolored grass-an elk buck is feeding-butt facing camera
  • Large adult elk buck in high grass and brush-everything is rust and amber colored-lighting is red/orange-when he lifts his head up-can see him chewing the cud
  • Large adult elk buck with large rack with many points standing in tall brush-mostly rust colored facing camera
  • Switch to buck-further away and hillside field is mostly ocher grass is in clumps-papn to follow buck running rikght to follow doe and juvenile buck is bellowing-other doe move through view running right
  • Solitary elk buck and six (6) doe and two (2) juvenile walking in open field-buck is bellowing
  • Elk buck partially obscured behind hill trots after several doe
  • Wide angle view of hillside with several elk doe and one buck
  • Adult male elk with large rack containing 14 points in tall ocher colored grass
  • Elk buck posing adjacent to large outcrop of stone-lighting from right casting long shadows
  • In front of evergreens stand several elk doe
  • Adult male elk standing in tallocher colored grass in front of evergreen trees-large tree on left with pale green foliage-bulk eventually walks left from view
  • Scenic: foreground is short grass and brush-mostly rust colored background-several trees at different height on right small amount of mountain hillside seen-an adult elk buck is present on right grazing and digging with antlers
  • End

Click here to download video!American Mammals 11: Elk (00:12:01)

Date: 05/2013
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Continuation of last shot on Part #2 with elk buck digging
  • Close-up of elk buck facing camera background of trees-foreground-grass and brush-pan to follow buck walking left and bellowing
  • Close-up of elk doe facing camera and walking toward it-turns head sideways for good head view
  • Four elk doe standing in tall grass-background of tall trees
  • Several more doe are seen-they are mostly grazing
  • Large doe with 2 juveniles occasionally grazing-occasionally looking into camera
  • Large adult elk doe standing in tall ocher colored grass-background tall green trees-doe turns around and walks off right
  • Scenic: foreground open meadow with tallgrass and brush and eight (8) elk doe-one laying down in grass-background several different size trees and side of mountain
  • Zoom out for wider angled view-background can now be seen as high mountains-blue sky with white clouds
  • Zoom in for closer view several can now be seen lying down in grass-then zoom out again to scene as in shot #9
  • Solitary elk buck in tall grass facing camera-background several tall trees-multicolored-in sunshine
  • Scenic: Foreground-rust colored brush-tall ocher colored grass several elk doe-some lying in grass-one adult elk buck background-several various sized trees-mountains in distance-sunlight hitting mountain tops of mountains-on left blue/gray sky with white clouds
  • Adult elk buck in grass walking toward camera-begins walking right-pan to follow
  • Large adult elk buck standing in tall grass-4 elk doe lying around him in grass-tall trees in background
  • Wide angle of above #14 with buck and several doe
  • Back to buck with several doe lying in grass-two stand up
  • Zoom out for even wider angled view-mountain in background in sun-blue sky-pond seen
  • Close up of elk buck digging with antlers
  • Open field with green brush-Come adult elk buck and two doe walking-buck is bellowing
  • Several elk doe and one buck in meadow-trees and mountains in background
    Several doe-2 lying down-one buck in meadow-buck is pawing and digging with antlers
  • Close up of buck’s head digging and pawing ground-eventually lying down on prepared ground right next to doe
  • Scenic: Wide angle trees and hill mid ground-mountains in background-Several elk doe and one buck in foreground-all lying down
  • Zoom in on group-buck gets up and walks among doe
  • lose-up of group-buck moves among doe bellowing
  • Close-up of elk buck facing camera-large symmetrical rack-12 points-begins moving left bellowing then begins pawing and scraping ground with antlers preparing to lie down and in fact lies down facing camera just in front of doe
  • Zoom out slightly to show entire animals
  • Scenic: Wide angle of meadow-low trees mountains in background-several elk lying on ground-all doe except one buck
    Zoom in on group of elk lying about-one buck rest are doe buck stands and walks among several doe lying about
  • Close-up of buck and several die grazing-buck is bellowing
  • Close-up of buck facing camera turns and walks left-bellowing among doe
  • Large adult elk digging ground with antlers then lying on ground it dug
  • Open meadow and hillside with buck and several doe
  • Several elk doe grazing
  • Two adult elk stag standing in meadow
  • Same two elk-but now lying down
  • Close-up of elk doe facing camera-zoom out to see whole animal
  • Scenic: large adult elk buck in meadow-mid ground of small trees(line) background of mountains catching late afternoon
  • Sunlight-small amount of blue sky-zoom out to include sky-pan slightly right to include 2 doe-sky is lit up gold/red
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 12: Bison (00:12:12)

Date: 05/2013
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Several bison-American Bison: (Buffalo) Bos bison including several juvenile in open field grazing Slightly different angle-some are lying down
  • Large male bison lying down facing camera
  • Several bison in open field-one juvenile in front-large male grazing. Others lying down or grazing
  • Single large bison grazing
  • Scenic: Wide angle of hillside with trees and blue sky and many bison
  • Zoom in on part of heard grazing
  • Zoom in further on animals (one calf) grazing
  • Large number of bison in open meadow grazing and walking
  • Zoom in on small group of bison both male and female grazing on hillside
  • Large adult male bison walking-comes upon other bison in field
  • Scenic as in shot #6
  • Zoom in to several members of flock
  • Very wide angle view of hillside with herd of bison
  • Large adult male buffalo grazing-several large pine trees and hillside in background
  • Large adult male bison lying down on side of hill-mountain and hazy sky in background
  • Back to scene #15
  • Zoom out for more of background including low mountain and sky
  • Slightly different angle with large rust colored brush on right bison on left-several pine trees
  • Two bison on hilltop-tree on right sky and low mountains
  • Large adult male bison dust-bathing-stands up and gazes over hilltop
  • Close-up of large male bison grazing
  • Large male buffalo grazing behind rust colored brush and small green tree-background is sky and low mountains
  • Four bison on hillside-three walk off on right-one remains lying down dust bathing
  • Scenic: meadow foreground trees-low mountains-blue/gray sky-ambient color is gold-large male buffalo is grazing in meadow
  • Close up of head of bison grazing
  • Zoom out to scene as in shot #25
  • Home bison grazing color is golden
  • Hillside with seve4ral bison grazing
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 13: Bison (00:10:00)

Date: 05/2013
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Adult male bison in open field grazing –hazy view of mountains and sky in background-tall green brush on right.
  • Same as #1 but brush is gone
  • Several bison in meadow grazing
  • Same scene as #3 but elk is grazing
  • Zoom in to group of bison grazing-pan right to show how large is the heard group includes juveniles
  • Large group of bison walking and grazing
  • Close-up of large adult male boson “Buffalo”: Bos bison with several others-pan right to follow
  • Large-open meadow with small trees-hill and mountains in background-four bison grazing
  • Medium shot of two bison-one large bull and one juvenile with very small horns
  • Two large adult bison walking-zoom in on one of them
  • Scenic: open meadow-small trees and hill in mid ground and background of small trees and sandy hill background of mountains and sky three bison walking
  • Herd of bison-several running pan right to follow them. Zoom in on two bulls and one juvenile
  • Close-up of Bison pawing ground-dust flying-lies down then gets up is joined by female and juvenile and others the group is prancing
  • Several bison on hillside grazing
  • Hillside with house like structure and pens-several bison in foreground grazing
  • Close-up of bison bull facing camera
    Scenic-varioius hills with some brush in foreground-blue sky-white clouds in background-One bison bull on right walking-zoom in for closer look-zoom in again for close-up of bison-zoom in again for close-up of head and pan left to follow
  • Adult bull bison in open field zoom in for close-up
  • Scenic: crest of hill in foreground mountain and sky in background-solitary bison on crest
  • Close-up of head of bison-chewing
  • Head of bison with several behind-zoom in for close-up of mouth and nose of bison chewing
  • Head of bison grazing in tall grass turns facing camera licking kips and chewing-and lap down can see tops of grass waiving in breeze
  • Extreme close-up of mouth of bison chewing-zoom out slightly to include head and horns still facing camera
  • Head of bison moving left-pan to follow
  • Four bison in meadow-two are lying down
  • Close-up of face of bison in tall grass grazing
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 14: Bighorn Sheep (00:09:08)

Date: 09/2015
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Several bighorn sheep (Mountain Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep); Ovis Canadensis on crest of hillside grazing-background is pale blue sky
  • Zoom in for closer look
  • Crest of hill filled with bighorn sheep
  • Three bighorn sheep on hill-grazing aircraft leaving contrail enters from right flying across
  • Eight sheep on hillside grazing
  • Another group of sheep on hillside blue sky with wispy white clouds
  • Wide angle view of sheep on hillside
  • Closer look of sheep on hillside
  • Zoom out for wide angle view of shot #8-slowly zoom in for closer look
  • Close-up of Bighorn Sheep on angled hillside-blue sky background in joined by four others walking toward camera
  • Close-up of head of sheep with large curved horns
  • Medium shot of two bighorn sheep grazing-zoom out to include third one
  • Bighorn sheep on hillside grazing and looking into camera background of blue sky-white clouds
  • Close-up of head of sheep-pan left to show-pan left to show others grazing.
  • Close-up of head of bighorn zoom out for view of entire animal grazing
  • Head of bighorn as animal walks to right, then left then bends down to drink
  • Scenic: reflection in water of several sheep-then pan up to two sheep running to water and drinking
  • Close-up of face of sheep as it moves to water and drinks
  • Medium view of sheep then close-up of face
  • END

Click here to download video!American Mammals 15: Bighorn Sheep (00:08:52)

Date: 09/2015
Location: National Bison Range, Montana
  • Bighorn sheep-adult-male (Mountain sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep) Standing amid rocks and grass-pan right to follow: Ovis Canadensis
  • Close-up of head-zoom out to other sheep drinking
  • Five sheep at water’s edge drinking
  • Wide angle view of five sheep at water
  • Close-up of head of Bighorn at water’s edge drinking-moves right pan to follow
  • Scenic: Criss cross hills with water in foreground-large green brush where hills cross-blue sky background-three sheep at water’s edge
  • Medium view of several sheep at water drinking
  • Close-up side view of adult Bighorn-Zoom in for even closer view-eye and horn and ear
  • Adult bighorn ram walking among other sheep gently buffs other sheep-several drink at waters edge
    Four bighorn on hillside grazing-grassy field with brush on left
  • Five sheep with rear ends showing grazing on hillside
  • Close-up of Adult Bighorn Ram standing on hillside
  • Other Bighorn in group walking left pan to follow
  • Close-up of Birghorn grazing
  • Angular view of hillside with several sheep lower right walking and grazing rust colored brush, lower left blue sky with white clouds background
  • Two Bighorn in field grazing joined by other sheep-walking left
  • Several Bighorn Sheep in open field on hillside-blue sky-background-sheep walking left across hillside pan left to follow
  • END

Click here to download video!American Reptiles and Amphibians (00:09:08)

Date: 2013
Location: USFWS Wildlife Refuges from across the USA.
Description: Various wildlife shots from around the refuge system
  • MS, CU Diamondback water snake (Nerodia rhombifer) in water, on log
  • MS Western blue-throated lizard on rocks
  • CU, WS Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer) on ground
  • MS Hammond’s garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) on log in pond
  • CU California red-legged frog (Rana daytonii) in hand
  • CU California newt (Taricha torosa)
  • CU Pond turtle (Emys marmorata) in straw
  • MS , CU western black rat snake (Pantherophis obsoletus) (young-of-year)
  • MCU Black rat snake hunting in leaves
  • MS, CU Softshell turtle
  • MS Red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta) in water, opens mouth
  • MS Turtle on log
  • CU Red eft (Notophthalmus viridescens) on moss (Canaan Valley)
  • Various shots of red-spotted newts in water and swimming through algae in stream
  • CU California red-legged frog in water
  • Red-eared slider turtles on logs and rocks
  • MS Eastern garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis)
  • CU Diamondback water snake in reeds
  • WS Diamondback water snakes on goose nest in water
  • CU Snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentine) female laying eggs
  • MS Snapping turtle moving through grass, opens mouth aggressively
  • CU Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus)tadpole in algae
  • END

Click here to download video!American Wildlife (00:12:19)

  • Caribou (Rangifer tarandus)
  • Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana)
  • Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis)
  • Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)
  • Elk (Cervus canadensis)
  • Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus)
  • White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus)
  • Lynx (Lynx lynx)
  • Mountain Lion (Puma concolor)
  • Desert Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis arsipus)
  • Coyote (Canis latrans)
  • Beaver (Castor canadensis)
  • Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
  • Eastern Cottontail (Sylvilagus floridanus)
  • Black-tailed Prairie Dog (cynomys ludovicianus)
  • Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)
  • Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger)
  • American Bullfrog (Rama catesbeiana)
  • Brown Water Snake (Nerodia taxispilota)
  • Eastern Mud Turtle (Kinosternon subrubrum)
  • Yellow Mud Turtle (Kinosternon flavescens)
  • Common Musk Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus)
  • Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina)
  • Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin)
  • Greater Earless Lizard (Cophosaurus texanus)
  • Black Rat Snake (Elaphe obsoleta)
  • Eastern Massasagua Rattlesnake
  • American Bullfrog (Rama catesbeiana)
  • Halictid Bee (Agapostemon virescens)
  • Texas Carpenter Ants (Camponotus festinatus)
  • Spider
  • Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui)
  • Common Sulphur (Colias philodice)
  • Katydids
  • Monarch (Danaus plexippus)
  • Plains Lubber Grasshopper (Brachystola magna)
  • Whirligig Beetle (Gyrinus spp.)
  • Zebra Swallowtail (Eurytides Marcellus)
  • Mayflies (Ephemera spp.)
  • END

Click here to download video!Bats 3

  • Various shots of small and large groups of Indiana bats (Myotis sodalis) roosting in cave in Carter Caves State park, Kentucky
  • WS’s entrance to cave

Click here to download video!California Mountain Yellow Legged Frog (00:32:16)

  • 00: - 00:37 Hikers cross walking bridge
  • 00:38 - 00:48 Close Up Hikers on bridge
  • 00:51 - 00:55 Hikers walk past camera
  • 00:56 - 02:46 Helicopter lands and unloads
  • 02:47 - 05:59 Employees put on waders and prepare to pull fish nets from water. PS employee talks about process and enters water.
  • 05:59 - 09:51 Underwater video of NPS employee pulling nets from water. Underwater wide shots of boulders in lake. Underwater shots of tadpoles and adults of mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa).
  • 09:51 - 10:58 Telephoto and wide shots of NPS employee in raft pulling up net from cold lake.
  • 10:58 - 12:16 NPS employees stretch and maintain nets.
  • 12:16 - 13:06 Static Wide shot of Center Basin Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park
  • 13:06 - 14:47 Wide shot Employee in lake with raft and net, Employee talks about relocating frog eggs mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa), wide and close up shots of that process. Medium shot of NPS employee with net in raft.
  • 14:47 - 16:10 Close up Flowering plant with lake in background/Employees walk with gear across snow/Employee radios base/Wide pan of lake
  • 16:10 - 17:44 Employees eat in tent/Close up shots of mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa)
  • 7:44 - 18:33 Frog egg mass in water/Close up shots of mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa) in grass and in water
    18:33 - 20:03 Wide Shot group of mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa) tadpoles/various shots of adult frog close up in water
  • 20:03 - 20:58 mountain yellow-legged frog (Rana muscosa) Frog Floats by in water /Close up shots of frogs in water/ Caddis fly larvae walks underwater/ large tadpole
  • 20:58 - 22:26 gray-crowned rosy finch - Leucosticte tephrocotis forages for food near water
  • 22:26 - 25:12 NPS employees carry gear to high elevation lake/wide pan of scenic lake/NPS employee paddles to shore and unloads net/NPS employees untangle and organize net/wide shot static of high elevation lake.
  • 25:12 - 27:37 NPS employee untangles net and talks about length of nets and size of net mesh/explains reason for net size and fish catch/Close Up shots of nets drying on the ground/wide zoom in of nets drying/wide of net and employee patching hole/close up of employee patching hole/telephoto pan sharp knife edge ridges
  • 27:37 - 32:16 shots of water flowing out of lake/NPS employees walk with waders/ NPS employees electrofishing in small pool sequence/NPS employee talks about electrofishing technology and technique/NPS employee shows blown out fish barrier/tilt up showing waterfall/Sunrise tilt up on beautiful mountain and reflection in water/ Pack mules walk past camera / pack mules walk over large bridge
  • END

Click here to download video!Delmarva Fox Squirrel (00:04:39)

Date:  August 8, 2014
Location:  Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland

Description: Video of Delmarva Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger cinereus) in tree and on trunk of tree. Shots of researchers trapping, weighing and holding Delmarva fox squirrel.

  • Wide shot of Delmarva fox squirrel in tree
  • Close-up of Delmarva fox squirrel in tree
  • Medium shot of Delmarva fox squirrel in tree
  • Close-up of Delmarva fox squirrel in tree
  • Wide shot of Delmarva fox squirrel on base of tree trunk
  • Wide shot of Delmarva fox squirrel in tree, from below
  • Medium shot of researchers walking by camera in forest
  • Wide shot of researchers walking by camera in forest
  • Close-up of Delmarva fox squirrel in trap
  • Medium shot of researcher getting squirrel out of trap
  • Medium shot of researcher weighing squirrel
  • Medium shot / Close-up of researchers getting tag data from squirrel
  • Close-up Delmarva fox squirrel in hand
  • Medium shot of researcher releasing Delmarva fox squirrel.

Click here to download video!Ferrets (00:09:36)

Date: 09/09/2013
Location: USA National Wildlife Refuges
Description: Black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) footage from around the refuge system
  • MS man in FWS uniform, face mask, cabinets/cages, ferret makes loud noise, man wearing glove, opens box and moves ferret from box into    small cage, man rotates cage to check ferret
  • CS ferret in green wire cage, man holds red “transponder reader” near head of ferret with cage open, ferret pokes heat up out of cage, zooms out, ferret is released back into box, ferret calls loudly several times, man closes box and pulls gate to release ferret from box
  • MS man checks transponder reader against chart on clipboard
  • CS red transponder reader held near clipboard light green boxes, transponder reader slowly moves away from view
  • CS profile, head of Black-footed ferret behind wire mesh, looking over board
  • MS chunks of meat on floor of light green ferret cage, ferret darts in, grabs chunk of meat and darts out of view
  • MS hold in floor of ferret cage, wire mesh, ferret pops up out of hold and moves quickly away to the right, ferret scurries back into hold
  • MS multiple ferret cages, ferret grabs food and hurries into hole in floor, pops up through hole to grab food and hops back into hole in floor,    multiple other ferrets in background cages repeat behavior
  • CS hole in floor of ferret cage, ferret pops up
  • CS ferret in case, faced away from camera looking right, moves for a profile shot, hole in floor of cage
  • MS shot from inside walk in cooler, man opens door and comes into walk in cooler with white plastic pan, removes packages of meat from metal shelves, places packages into cooler and leaves cooler
  • MS stainless steel double sink and counter to left, walking cooler door on light gray wall, door opens and man walks into room with plastic tub, sets tub on counter
  • MS man in FWS uniform, face mask, rubber gloves, green ferret cages, prepares ground meat in ice cream scoop, opens door and places food inside, closes and latches door
  • CS man prepares scoop of ground meat adds something to meat from a syringe
  • WS rows of ferret cages, man near end of row feeding ferrets
  • MS inside ferret cage, water dish, door opens, scoop of meat dropped into cage, ferret runs to food quickly, door closed, ferret runs away from    food and back again
  • MS rows of ferret cages man with cart moves around end of row past camera and towards door
  • CS man driving up to door of wildlife enclosure, exiting vehicle
  • CS small wire cage, rock on top of cage, brown dirt, brown grass, work boots, man removes rock from top of cage, zooms out, removes pins holding cage in place
  • CS handle on top of cage, small wire cage, ferret in cage, brown dirt, brown grass, man picks up cage and walks toward door of enclosure
  • MS man with ferret cage in hand, closes enclosure door, red ATV, dry brown grasses, grey door man places ferret cage into ed of ATV, covers cage    with brown jacket, gets in and starts ATV
  • MS man exits red ATV, brown grassy field, removes brown jacket from ferret cage and removes ferret cage from ATV puts on blue dust mask as he walks toward building
  • MS ferret in natural habitat enclosure, looking at camera, brown grasses and dirt, focus shifts to show wire mesh, focus changes back to ferret
  • CS ferret with head sticking out of hold brown dirt/grasses
  • CS close-up of ferrets face, head visible above hold in ground
  • MS 2 ferrets facing camera, framed on right by wooden post third ferret barely visible between two
  • MS similar to clip at 1:15:46 ferret moves head up and down disappears into hold and pops back into view
  • CS ferret at slight angle facing toward camera, dark shaded background
  • MS ferret with front paws propped up on water bowl, brown dirt, ferret drinks from water bowl
  • MS 2 ferrets perched at top of hold in dirt, profile closest ferret in focus
  • MS ferret backing up over mound second ferret joins first from behind raised portion in hill, both face camera
  • MS ferret running brown dirt second ferret pops out of hold and looks around
  • MS ferret jumping, arched back, brown dirt
  • MS similar to previous clip, slow motion
  • MS dirt mound, ferret backs out of unseen hold, arched back, second ferret pops up and out of hold, first ferret backs away quickly and runs away
  • MS patch of brown dirt, brown/green vegetation, ferret backs out of hold in ground, shakes, moves back into hold, repeats
  • MS full body profile of ferret laying on brown dirt, looking right, brown grasses in background, looks toward camera
  • WS tan building, brown ground, little grass, tire tracks leading toward building, blue sky
  • MS similar to previous clip but closer shows right portion of building zooms out at angle to show nearly entire building
  • WS scenic: light brown grassland, brown rocky hill, hills get larger further away from camera, white mountain ridge, light blue sky
  • WS brown grasslands, fence line, mountains, blue sky zooms out
  • MS same building as in clip at 1:18:22 starts at left zooms out and pans right
  • Information screen
    • Media B Roll, National Black-footed ferret
    • Conservation Center, Produced by: US FWS National Conservation Training Center, Run Time: 29:00 minutes
    • Audio Ch1 CH2, format: 16x9 letterbox
  • Information screen
    • Media B-roll shot log
      • Exteriors of BFF Conservation Center 8:30 run time
      • Interiors of BFF Conservation Center 8:00 run time
      • Sybille BFF Conservation Center 2:00 run time
      • Interview with Paul Marinari F&W Biologist 7:30 run time
  • CS National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center sign, blue sky, zooms out, grown grassland, tan building
  • END

Click here to download video!Kodiak Bears 4 (00:09:53)

Date shot:  July 2007
Date produced:  5/2/2018
Videographer:  Rheam

Location:   Kodiak, Alaska

Description:  Footage of Kodiak bears (Ursus arctos middendorffi) on Kodiak NWR, AK

  • Mother Kodiak Bear with cubs fishing in creek
  • Cubs eating and carrying dead salmon
  • Large single bear in edge of weeds
  • Sow and cubs fishing
  • Cubs cross creek
  • Sow chases salmon and catches one
  • Various adult bears cross stream
  • Adult bear crosses stream to juvenile bears
  • Bear sits in weeds
  •  Bear walks thru creek
  • Sow and cubs run to catch salmon
  • Adult bear splashes into water to grab salmon
  • Sow and cubs eat salmon

Click here to download video!Kodiak Bears 14 (00:09:45)

Date shot:  July 2007
Date produced:  5/15/2018
Videographer:  Rheam

Location:   Kodiak, Alaska

Description:  Footage of Kodiak bears (Ursus arctos middendorffi) on Kodiak NWR, AK

  • Bear eats salmon as magpies watch
  • Bear along beach
  • Bear catches salmon and eats it
  • MS Cub in tree
  • Bear walks in creek – catches salmon
  • CU bear eats salmon
  • Bear on shore – cub in tree in background
  • Adult bear scratches self on shrubs
  • Bear catches salmon in deep green water
  • Bear sits in weeds
  • Bear runs thru water to catch salmon
  • Two bears sniff each other in water
  • Bear runs across water
  • Bears head – profile while walking
  • Bears in scrub habitat
  • Bear sitting in water –several tries to catch salmon
  • Stream with bears fishing
  • Bear splashes to get fish
  • Bear eats fish in water
  • Big bear’s face CU in water
  • Bear makes running splashes

Click here to download video!Kodiak Bears 16 (00:06:25)

Date shot:  July 2007
Date produced:  5/2/2018
Videographer:  Rheam

Location:   Kodiak, Alaska

Description:  Footage of Kodiak bears (Ursus arctos middendorffi) on Kodiak NWR, AK

  • Bear eats salmon between paws
  • Salmon spooking
  • Bear with fish in mouth
  • Bear turns in water to chase salmon
  • Bear stands still in water
  • Bear splashes after salmon and catches it
  • MS Cub in tree
  • Large fuzzy bear walks along shore vegetation
  • MS Cub in tree scratching
  • MS Cub climbs down out of tree
  • Salmon splash in creek
  • Clear water
  • Salmon remains on rocks
  • Large bear looking cautious
  • Mother and cubs walk along shoreline

Click here to download video!Small Mammals (00:09:31)

Date: 09/09/2013
Location: USA National Wildlife Refuges
Description: Wildlife Footage from around the refuge system

  • CS Ground Squirrel close up of face, green grass
  • CS Eastern Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger) in tree, greyish tree branches, white sky
  • MS Fox Squirrel in tree – similar to previous clip but farther away
  • MS similar to previous 2 clips, different angle
  • MS profile view of Eastern Cottontail Rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus), green grasses surround, zooms in on head, rabble nearly motionless
  • MS American Beaver (Castor Canadensis) chewing base of trees at water’s edge, green vegetation, brown water profile shot
  • MS large tree in foreground, green leafy trees in background, pans down to show Beaver chewing at base of tree, brown water
  • MS similar to clip at 1:22:26
  • MS two biologists looking at Beaver damage to tree, one holding radio receiver, tall green grass, kneeling on ground, one points, they both get up and walk to left
  • WS beaver chewed log on ground, tree chewed by beaver, biologist with radio receiver inspects tree, biologist with clipboard inspects log, tall green grass, forest in background, zooms in on hand on log
  • CS beaver swimming in murky water
  • CS beaver in very shallow muddy water, chewing on small green vegetation, moves right toward tree, moves around tree to area already slightly damaged by beaver
  • Cs beaver chewing on tree, profile, removes small piece of wood, holds in hands and eats
  • WS grasslands, green and brown grasses, rolling hills, beaver lodge blue sky
  • MS beaver lodge dark water green grasses rolling hills blue sky
  • CS beaver swimming in dark colored water, green grasses
  • MS 2 muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus) swimming in dark colored water green grasses
  • MS Northern River Otter (Lutra canadensis) swimming, dark water, brownish/grey tree branches hand into water
  • MS River Otter swimming toward camera, dark water, dark brownish/grey branches handing in water, turns and swims under branches
  • MS River Otter swimming in dark colored water
  • MS River Otter swimming in dark colored water
  • MS River Otter with front paws on tree extend9ing out of water, moves into water, stops near tree limbs, looks around
  • CS River Otter swimming in dark water, dives out of view, zooms out
  • CS River Otter swimming in dark water, close profile of face, water ripples
  • MS 2 River Otters swimming in dark water, one dives out of sight, camera zooms in on remaining otter, 2nd otter pops up out of water under the chin of the other otter, both otters continue swimming, one dives and pops back up again
  • END