Supervisor Updates

These videos were developed for Supervisors by NCTC and the Washington Office Division of Human Capital. 

Supervisor Update #1

Welcome to the Program

The individual Development Plan

Supervisory Responsibilities with DOI Learn

Establishing the Performance Plan

Discussing Performance Plan with your Employee

The Coach's Corner

The Wrap Up

Supervisor Update #2

Benefit Changes for 2010

Practical Motivation Techniques

Reconizing and Rewarding Good Performance

Supervising Difficult Generations

Supervisor Update #3

Assigning Work Equitably While Developing Employee Skills

Coach's Corner: Redirecting Feedback

Fare Labor Standards Act

Manager's Survival Guide and and InsideFWS Website

The Mid-Year Performance Review

Supervisor Update #4

Hiring Process

The Student Educational Program (A Supervisor's Story)

Veterans Hiring Program

Coach's Corner: Managing and Leveraging Conflict

Supervisor Update #5

The Performance Rating

Performance Review Discussion

You and Volunteers

Coach's Corner: Coaching Questions Designed to Drive Specific Outcomes

Supervisor Update #6

Opening Remarks

Hiring Reform effective November 2010

Performance Based Interviewing

Writing Critical Elements

Coach's Corner: Counseling

Closing Remarks

Supervisor Update #7

Best Practices for Recruiting and Hiring Persons with Disabilities

How to Lead Effective Meetings

Performance Based Interviewing

Developmental Coaching

Supervisor Update #8

Supervisor Update #8: Coach's Corner

Supervisor Update #9

Supervisor Update #9: Telework