Focusing in on NCTC Resident Science Courses

FWS Employees:  Sarah Gannon Nagle and Matthew Patterson

NCTC training courses -- they're not just for catalogues anymore.

And for prospective students who'd like a visual overview of their future classes, both in Shepherdstown and around the United States, NCTC's creative imagery branch has launched "NCTC In Focus."

It's an online compendium of five of NCTC's most popular science courses, offered in 4- to 6-minute bites, in which instructors and course leaders offer a "sneak preview" of what interested learners will experience in their classes.

"In Focus" is the brainchild of NCTC videographer Brett Billings and the in-studio interview portions of the show are hosted by Sarah Gannon-Nagle, NCTC's communications manager. Web developer Rhonda Miller brought it to light on Brightcove, NCTC's new Web video platform.

"It's a 'taste' ahead of time -- an appetizer -- before you even register for an NCTC course, of what you'll learn and who you'll be learning with," says Gannon-Nagle. "'In Focus' supplements our online course catalogue with information, but more importantly it puts you into the course you'll be taking."

The "NCTC In Focus" courses to be profiled can be viewed via the links below.

In-Focus Descriptions

NCTC Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments

This course is designed to guide conservation and resource management practitioners in two essential elements in the design of climate adaptation plans.Click here for additional information!

NCTC Coldwater Fish Culture Course

An introductory course developed to explore all husbandry activities associated with coldwater fish culture. Click here for additional information!

NCTC Conservation Biology of Freshwater Mussels Course

An introductory course on the biology and ecology of freshwater mussels and the conservation issues facing this highly endangered group of animals.
Click here for additional information!

NCTC Electrofishing Course

Builds knowledge and skills to enable biologists to increase the standardization and efficiency of electrofishing sampling while operating in a safer manner. Click here to access additional information. 

NCTC Habitat Conservation Planning For Endangered Species

The course addresses the basic steps and processes regarding Habitat Conservation Planning under Section 10(a)(1)(B) of the Endangered Species Act. Case studies and interactive exercises are used to reinforce lecture sessions. Click here for additional information!

NCTC Interagency Consultation for Endangered Species

Participants acquire basic information on conducting interagency consultation under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act. Click here for additional information!

NCTC Refuge Management Academy

The Refuge Management Academy provides an overview of the programs, policies, issues and mandates affecting the operation of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Click here for additional information!

NCTC Rotenone and Antimycin Use in Fish Management

This four and one-half day training provides a foundation for the planning and execution of a fish sampling/control/eradication project using the fish management chemicals rotenone and antimycin. Click here for additional information!

NCTC Stream Restoration Courses

Provide the knowledge and skills required to participate in studies assessing physical habitat characteristics of streams. Click here to access additional information. 

NCTC Structured Decision Making Workshop

This workshop provides participants with skills required to develop structured approaches to natural resources decisions. Click here for additional information!

NCTC Wetland Plant Courses

Designed to improve the ability of field staff to identify wetland plants using botanical manuals and floras. Click here to access additional information.