Freshwater Mussel Webinar Series

The Freshwater Mussel Conservation Webinar Series aims to provide a vehicle for the freshwater mussel community to share recent advancements in the world of freshwater mussel conservation. This series targets biologists, managers and other members of the conservation community interested in staying up-to-date on the science of freshwater mussel conservation.

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Webinar Descriptions

What are Freshwater Mussels Worth?

  • Presented by Dr. Dave Strayer

  • Recorded on June 16, 2020

  • Duration 59 minutes

  • The advent of the ecosystem services framework has raised the question of what freshwater mussels really are worth, and how we might best use this information in environmental decision-making. I will briefly discuss why it might be useful to try to assign values to freshwater mussels, review the different kinds of values that freshwater mussels provide (including direct-use values, indirect-use values, existence values, option values, bequest values and replacement values), describe progress towards providing quantitative estimates of those values, and discuss problems with these valuation approaches. Despite uncertainty about the precise value of freshwater mussels, it is clear that they can have very substantial value to humans, which should be taken into account in environmental decision-making.