Pollinator Webinar Series (Previously known as Monarch Butterfly Curriculum Series)

This webinar series is for educators (both formal and non-formal) to learn about various monarch curriculum and to choose one or more that meet their needs and implement it. 

Monarch Butterfly Curriculum Webinar Descriptions

Talking about the Magnificent Monarch (00:28:05)

On April 11th, Tabbi Kinion, Statewide Education Coordinator from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, explored the latest addition to the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) Conservation Education Strategy Toolkit. Teaching about the Magnificent Monarch: Resource Recommendations for Conservation Educators. This guide will help you and your audiences find and use the best-available resources. 

The USFWS – U.S. Air Force Pollinator Conservation Project: Soaring with the Air Force (00:30:48)

During the June 27th webinar, Dr. Dolores Savignano, Chair of the USFWS Pollinator Work Group and Headquarters Office biologist, shared information on a recent pollinator conservation project with the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Air Force Pollinator Conservation Reference Guide.

Tribal Alliance for Pollinators: Restoring Tribal Lands to Protect Pollinators, Preserve Culture and Restore Connections (00:30:48)

During the July 11th webinar, Jane Breckinridge, Director of the Euchee Butterfly Farm, Inc., and Katie Boyer, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southwest Regional Monarch Lead, shared information about the Tribal Alliance for Pollinators and other pollinator conservation efforts led by tribes throughout Oklahoma.

Webinar One – Monarch Curriculum Webinar Series (00:41:43)

Presented by NCTC’s Pollinator Coordinator, Tracy McCleaf (FWS). During this webinar, Tracy gives an overview of Monarch Biology. March 25, 2015 

Webinar Two - Monarch Curriculum Webinar Series (00:55:19)

Presented by Sarah Weaver, Monarchs in the Classroom Community Program Specialist at the University of Minnesota Fisheries/Wildlife/Conservation Biology.  During this webinar, Sarah gives an overview of Monarchs in the Classroom.  April 1, 2015 

Webinar Three - Monarch Curriculum Webinar Series (00:41:18)

Presented by Kristy Liercke (Prince William Network) and Tamberly Conway (U.S Forest Service).
During this webinar, Kristy and Tamberly present about MonarchLIVE! August 25, 2015

Webinar Four - Monarch Curriculum Webinar Series (00:46:06)

Presented by Elizabeth Howard (Journey North). During this webinar, Elizabeth gives an overview of Journey North.
September 1, 2015.

Webinar Five - Monarch Lab (00:57:12)

Presented by Sarah Weaver, Monarch Lab Program Specialist at University of Minnesota.  During this presentation, Sarah offers some tips on tailoring resources for a variety of audiences.   November 2017.